Fraternity & Sorority Life

Fraternity Recruitment Registration

  • ACADEMIC RECORD RELEASE: In order to be recruited or become a member of a fraternity or sorority at John Carroll University, I understand that access is required to various aspects of my personality identifiable information in my student record. I must be enrolled as a full-time student undergraduate student with John Carroll University. By signing this form, I understand that the authorized university officials within the Office of Student Activities must verify my GPA for recruitment and participation purposes. My GPA will be shared with Recruitment Chairs and Advisors, and the Director and Assistant Director of Student Activities. If I ultimately join a fraternity or sorority, I hereby authorize the Office of Student Activities to release my semester and cumulative GPA to the Chapter President and Scholarship Chair and the Chapter Advisor and Scholarship Advisor of my fraternity or sorority. Further, I consent to having my GPA used to calculate the total membership GPA of my chapter each semester and I understand that this total membership chapter GPA will become public record. I understand that this authorization will continue as long as I am a new member or initiated membership roll of my chapter. INFORMATION DISCLOSURE: By signing above, I agree to all the terms listed above. I also give permission to release my registration information (name, email address, home address, campus address, emergency contact information, Banner ID) to the John Carroll sorority and fraternity community as part of the recruitment process.