Sorority Formal Recruitment

Important Dates

  • Sorority Formal Recruitment will be held September 18-20, 2015. Women who register for formal recruitment must attend one of the two Orientation Sessions:  Wednesday, September 16 or Thursday, September 17 at 7pm. Location to be determined.
  • To register for recruitment Click Here!

There are two different ways you can join a sorority at John Carroll. One is through a formal process, which takes place in September of every fall semester, and the other is informal. During the formal process, women who are interested in joining a sorority will visit with each chapter during the course of a weekend to determine which chapter is the best fit. The culmination of formal recruitment is an event called Bid Day, when the chapter finds out who is joining their chapter.

After the formal process is over, sororities who are still looking for members will have open houses, ultimately offering membership on their own schedules. Not every sorority participates in the informal process because it may have already reached the maximum number of members allowed. This is important to know and is also why going through the formal process is the best opportunity for women to join a sorority.

Sometimes active members graduate early or leave for a pre-graduation internship or study abroad opportunity. If there are openings in the spring semester, a sorority may have another informal process, but it is not guaranteed. Again, this is important to know and is also why going through the formal process is the best opportunity for women to join a sorority.

Fraternity Recruitment

Important Dates

  • Recruitment dates: February 7-13, 2016
  • To sign up for fraternity recruitment, Click Here.

There are also two types of ways you can join a fraternity at John Carroll University. The Interfraternity Council (IFC) participates in two different styles of recruitment during the academic school year – formal and informal. Usually the third or fourth week of September, IFC partakes in a formalized process, which gives prospective members the opportunity to visit all four fraternities and learn more about our Greek community, with the possibility of joining one at the completion of the week. After the formal process, the four organizations in IFC execute an informal recruitment method, allowing individual chapters to recruit members on their own for the duration of the semester. The four IFC organizations may conduct an informal process again in the spring if they are in need/want of more members.