In addition to the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs, the department offers a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). This program is for students who have already acquired a master’s degree in a recognized academic discipline. While in itself this certificate does not guarantee Religion Teacher or Pastoral Ministry Certification in the Diocese of Cleveland, the proper selection of courses within the certificate program normally leads to such certification.

Admission Requirements

  • Details on the application process can be found at this link!

Program Requirements
Specific courses and requirements will be determined according to the needs and interests of each student by the student’s advisor after discussion with the student and with the approval of the chair of the department. Ordinarily the program will consist of one of the following areas: Scripture, Historical Theology, Systematic Theology, Religious Ethics, and World Religions. Students who already have graduate-level experience in a specific area need not fulfill further requirements in that area. For the certificate, no transfer credits are allowed.

Financial Assistance

  • Theology and Religious Studies Scholarships, equivalent to a 1/3 reduction in tuition, are available for all students enrolled in the Theology and Religious Studies graduate program.