Please note that the Literacy Specialist Endorsement is not accepting new students at this time.  For questions, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 216.397.4284 for additional information.

The Literacy Specialist Endorsement Program is an online, Consortium-Based, advanced program in reading education. The program is designed as a one-year program, consisting of 18 semester-hours that include both coursework and an internship. Successful completion of the program will fulfill the requirements for a Literacy Specialist endorsement, and can be added to a current teaching license or certificate.

Admission Requirements

  • Valid ODE Teaching License or certificate.
  • A Reading Endorsement (Pre K through grade 12).
  • Three or more years of teaching experience.
  • An undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 2.75.
  • A completed application, available at the program website.
  • Official transcript for the highest degree received.

Program Requirements
Coaching In Diverse Classrooms (
ED 575A): 2 credit hours. Online course that focuses on the preparation of literacy specialists to coach teachers in the implementation of culturally responsive instruction for diverse learners. This population includes special needs, culturally, and linguistically diverse students. Emphasis will be placed on connections between current theory, research, and instructional practice.

Coaching For Effective Assessment Practice (ED 575B): 2 credit hours. Online course designed for the preparation of literacy specialists, this course teaches knowledge, skills, and dispositions in school-based professional development and coaching in classroom-based reading assessment concepts and skills.

Pedagogy Of Effective Literacy Instruction (ED 576A): 2 credit hours. Online course enables candidates to demonstrate knowledge of a wide range of instructional practices, methods, and curriculum materials, including technology, that support effective reading and writing instruction. Candidates integrate their knowledge and dispositions regarding curriculum, instructional practices, curricular materials, assessment, and evaluation to create literate environments that foster both reading and writing in all students.

Professional Development In Literacy (ED 576B): 2 credit hours. Online course that introduces research and knowledge bases related to teacher professional development from a variety of perspectives. Examines multiple approaches to supporting teacher professional development, including coaching.

Advanced Literacy Research (ED  577): 2 credit hours. Online course that examines literacy research as an integral part of professional development. Builds on candidate understanding of a variety of research paradigms in reading and writing research, supports engagement in inquiry that significantly advances candidates’ current understanding of the teaching of reading and writing, and provides opportunities for candidates to collaborate with other literacy professionals in order to advance understanding of evidence-based practice.

Internship (ED 579 A/B): 8 credit hours, (A) 4 in fall; (B) 4 in spring. Prerequisites: ED 575A, B; and 576A. The culminating activity supporting and integrating the accomplishment of the Literacy Specialist Endorsement Standards I – VI. This school-based internship over an academic year includes providing group and individual professional development to colleagues for continuous improvement of literacy curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Diagnostic reading and writing clinical experiences focus on data based decision making to inform coaching.

Financial Assistance

  • The cost of the program is $7,500. The tuition includes technology support and services, and monthly conference calls. The fee does not cover books or a video camera used during the program.