College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Studies

Contact Program Coordinators

Please note all phone numbers are prefixed (216)
Program Coordinator Phone
Pre-Medical Post-Baccalaureate Kathy Lee, Ph.D. 397.4491
Biology Christopher Sheil, Ph.D. 397.3088
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Cecile Brennan, Ph.D. 397.1987
Communications Management Mary-Michelle Coleman-Walsh/Alan Stephenson, Ph.D. 397.4378
English Debra Rosenthal, Ph.D. 397.1721
Humanities Brenda Wirkus, Ph.D. 397.4787
Mathematics Barbara D’Ambrosia, Ph.D. 397.4682
Nonprofit Administration Tina Facca, Ph.D. 397.1718
Theology & Religious Studies Sheila McGinn, Ph.D. 397.3087
Education & School Psychology
– Initial Licensure Barbara Garson, Ph.D. 397.4689
– Educational Administration Lisa Shoaf, Ph.D. 397.1709
– Educational Psychology John Rausch, Ph.D. 397.4632
– Advanced Studies Mark Storz, Ph.D. 397.3070
– School Counseling Cecile Brennan, Ph.D. 397.1987
– School Psychology Jeanne Jenkins, Ph.D. 397.4656
Endorsement Programs
– Early Childhood Generalist Cathy Rosemary, Ph.D. 397.4699
– Middle Childhood Generalist Cathy Rosemary, Ph.D. 397.4699
– Reading Cathy Rosemary, Ph.D. 397.4699
– Literacy Specialist Cathy Rosemary, Ph.D. 397.4699
– Teacher Leader Mark Storz, Ph.D. 397.3070
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