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Theology and Religious Studies

Theology and Religious Studies

  • Hours and Wages – 10-20 hours per week in exchange for tuition and fees (excluding graduation fee) for up to 9 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters (a total of 18 credit hours) and a stipend paid twice per month (September-May).
  • Qualifications – Full-time, matriculated, degree-seeking graduate student in the Theology and Religious Studies program.
  • Responsibilities – Graduate Assistants have two primary roles. They work with faculty in classes, assisting with grading and tutoring. They may also be asked occasionally to present a lecture or lead a session in a course. The second role is to work with the faculty on their research projects. This can include such tasks as consulting on projects, library and internet research, and editing and checking manuscripts.


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Dr. Sheila McGinn

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