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Early College Mentoring Program

Early College Mentoring Program


  • Hours and Wages– 20 hours per week in exchange for tuition and fees (excluding graduation fee) for up to 9 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters (a total of 18 credit hours) and a stipend paid twice per month (September-May).


  • Qualifications
  • Full-time, matriculated, degree seeking
  • Strong organizational, leadership, interpersonal, public speaking and communication skills
  • Creative thinker, problem solver; demonstrated ability to take initiative
  • ability to work independently while supervising others
  • Ability to mediate issues between students and work from a strengths based perspective
  • Ability and willingness to engage with adolescent and college age students; and with high school and university faculty and staff
  • Ability to collaborate with various stakeholders including high school administration, faculty, and staff, university faculty and staff from various departments across campus, high school and college students


  • General Responsibilities
  • Create and maintain programming for freshmen and sophomore Early College High School students to create a college culture and encourage students to attend courses at John Carroll their Junior and Senior years
  • Plan events and programming that align with goals of the Early College High School
  • Facilitate the execution of the Sophomore Gateway project in which high school sophomores create original research projects, complete research at the college level, and present at Celebration of Scholarship
  • Recruit, interview, and train John Carroll Undergraduate mentors
  • Match trained mentors with Junior Early College High School students based on academic, professional, and recreational interests
  • Monitor and facilitate matched relationships
  • Run weekly meetings to assist Early College High School Seniors with the college application and  transition process, including providing speakers, financial aid information, and professional development assistance
  • Act as a liaison between John Carroll University and Cleveland Heights Early College High School
  • Supervise and mentor 1 student assistant
  • Provide social and academic support for Early College Juniors and Seniors taking college courses at John Carroll University
  • Provide support to Early College faculty and staff on the university and high school levels
  • Assess program effectiveness and make improvements as necessary
  • Track activities and prepare reports to summarize activities and impact.


Contact Information:
Dr. Mark Storz