College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Studies


Athletics – Coach (Football, Swimming, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Basketball)

  • Hours and Wages – 20 hours per week in exchange for tuition and fees (excluding graduation fee) for up to 9 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters (a total of 18 credit hours) and a stipend paid twice per month (September-May).
  • Qualifications – Full-time, matriculated, degree-seeking graduate student. Must possess knowledge of and experience in coaching their respective collegiate sport.  Playing experience at the collegiate level is highly desired. Must demonstrate ability to communicate in a positive manner with student athletes, coaches, and alumni.
  • Responsibilities
    Position Title: Athletic Assistant Coach
    Reports to: Head Coaches and Athletic Director
    Description:The Athletic Assistants will serve their respective teams in directing a successful NCAA III sport program.
    Primary Responsibilities:

    • Assist in the direction of the athletic team.
    • Assist in organization of all practice sessions.
    • Responsible for coaching at least one position.
    • Work in accordance with all staff members associated with John Carroll’s athletic department.
    • Represent John Carroll Athletic Department in a positive manner.
    • Recruit qualified student athletes to participate in the athletic program.
    • Work with the admissions department in regards to scheduling appointments for prospectus students.
    • Conduct recruiting calls and recruit mailings.
    • Carry out recruiting assignments as established by head coach.
    • Assist in preparations for suitable playing and practice sites.
    • Assist head coach in annual fundraising projects.
    • Assist head coach in monitoring student athletes’ grades and activities.
    • Possess ability to communicate the Mission of the University and the Athletic Department Philosophy and Goals to student athletes.
    • Demonstrate a commitment to University Mission and Athletic Department Goals and Learning Outcomes.
    • Comply with all rules affiliated with John Carroll University and Division III of the NCAA.


Contact Information
Please contact the head coach of each respective sport directly.