What is a graduate assistantship at John Carroll University?
A Graduate Assistantship is meant to provide graduate students with opportunities to improve their skills in teaching and/or research and to offer practical experience while pursuing a graduate degree. A limited number of assistantships are available each year and are awarded to qualified students on a competitive basis.

What is the difference between a full time and part time graduate assistantship?
Full and part time graduate assistants are granted full tuition remission for courses that are part of their graduate program of study and a stipend. Full time assistantships require 20 hours of service per week to the department or program; part time assistantships require 10 hours of service per week.

What does a graduate assistant do?
Duties may involve classroom teaching, laboratory teaching, research, or non-teaching service.

How do I find out what graduate assistantship positions are available?
Click here for a complete list of graduate and athletic assistantship positions available for 2019-2020.

What do I need to apply for a graduate assistantship?
A complete application must include the following items:
1. Online application
2. Statement of purpose
3. Resume
4. Two letters of recommendation

I am interested in an athletic assistantship. What do I need to know about these positions?
Various sports teams are supported by athletic assistants who assist the programs through coaching, recruiting, and other support activities. Click here for a complete list of open athletic assistant positions.

To be eligible for these positions, prospective students must possess knowledge of and experience in coaching their respective collegiate sport. Playing experience at the collegiate level is highly desired. Prospective students must demonstrate ability to communicate in a positive manner with student athletes, coaches, and alumni. To apply for an available position, contact the coach directly. Students who are deemed eligible by the coach will receive a link to the application.

Can I apply to more than one program or department for a graduate assistantship?
Yes, you may apply to more than one non-academic department. Academic departments offer assistantships only to those students seeking a degree in their department or program. In other words, you may apply for an assistantship in the department in which you are seeking a degree plus any non-academic departments which have a position available, and for which you are qualified.

Must I be accepted into a graduate studies program before I receive a graduate assistantship?
Yes. You may, however, apply for the assistantship(s) at the same time that you apply to a graduate studies program. Students applying to the counseling program are encouraged to have completed their program application in time to attend the February group interview.

Where do I get a graduate assistantship application?
Click here to go to the online application link.

Is there a deadline to apply?
Yes, both the graduate assistantship application as well as the admission application to a graduate program must be complete by February 15th. If your application to a graduate program is not complete, your graduate assistantship application will not be forwarded to the department.

What is the statement of purpose?
The statement of purpose should state your vocational aim, purpose for undertaking graduate studies, interest in the assistantship, and other matters pertaining to your career goals. Please be specific. The statement should address the skill set listed in the position description.

What should be included on my resume?
Be sure to include references with contact information plus any honors, activities, employment history, and related skills (e.g., communication, research, computer, organizational, foreign language) that might enhance your application for the particular assistantship(s) for which you are applying.

Does the assistantship pay for tuition?
The graduate assistantship offers remission of all tuition and fees for approved courses during the fall and spring semesters, except for the graduation fee.

Do graduate assistants receive a stipend?
Yes. Graduate assistants receive a stipend which varies by department and by full time or part time status.

How long does the assistantship last?
The term of the assistantship is one year and is normally renewed for a second year if the assistant maintains a 3.0 in his or her graduate course work and if he or she performs satisfactorily in the roles and responsibilities of the position. There is potential for a third year in certain programs.

How many credit hours do I take, and what hours do I work?
A graduate assistant has a full-time relationship with the University, half-time as a student and half-time in service to the department or program. Full-time graduate students take a maximum of 9 credit hours each semester. Graduate assistants are expected to work twenty hours (full time) or ten hours (part time) weekly. Any additional employment is prohibited without the prior consent of the Chair of the department or program and the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies for those who hold full time appointments.

When will I find out if I received a graduate assistantship?
Awards will be announced after April 1.

For questions, please call the Office of Graduate Studies at
(216) 397-4284