Students interested in pursuing coursework at the undergraduate or graduate level, but not interested in enrolling in a degree program, may apply for non-degree admission. Many individuals choose non-degree seeking either to explore the seriousness of their interest in studying for an advanced degree and/or to strengthen their credentials for a future degree application. Others are interested in taking graduate course work for personal enrichment or professional development.

Therefore, non-degree seeking students are those for whom one of the following applies:
1. You wish to enroll in classes for personal enrichment.
2. You would like to satisfy prerequisite course requirements for future admission to a graduate program.
3. You would like to apply for the Pre-Medical Post-Baccalaureate Program.
4. You are enrolled at another university and would like to take a class at John Carroll as a transient student.

Applicants must complete the online application and select “non-degree seeking” in the “Application Type” section. In addition to the application form, all previous degree-conferring graduate and undergraduate transcripts are required. You must have at least an undergraduate degree in order to apply.

Your transcript(s) must be mailed to:

Graduate Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
John Carroll University
1 John Carroll Boulevard
University Heights, Ohio, 44118

Although there is no limit to the number of undergraduate courses a student may take, no more than two graduate level courses (6 credits), may be taken without being fully admitted to a degree program. While admission as a non-degree seeking student does not guarantee subsequent admission for degree candidacy, courses taken as a non-degree seeking student may be applied to a degree program after official acceptance into the program and with the consent of the student’s advisor.