We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to help you as you begin the application process. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies for additional help.


What is the address to which credentials should be mailed?
Office of Graduate Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
John Carroll University
1 John Carroll Boulevard
University Heights, Ohio, 44118

May I apply to more than one program at the same time?
You may apply to more than one program, but you must complete an application for each program along with submitting the appropriate supporting materials for each. Upon acceptance, you may only enroll in one program.

I applied to Graduate Studies before and was not accepted. If I re-apply can I re-use my application materials?
Yes, your transcripts and official test scores may be re-used, but only if they are still on file in our office. Please be aware that documents are shredded after a set amount of time. And you are better served to re-write your statement of purpose as well as to have new letters of recommendation submitted if more than six months have gone by since they were provided to us.

How many pages is the statement of purpose?
The statement of purpose should be between one and two pages double spaced.

Is there a specific format for the statement of purpose?
Most students submit their statement of purpose in the form of an essay, being sure to address their goals and expectations from the degree program. Please include your name and the program for which you are applying at the top of the essay.

I have been out of school for a number of years and am not able to obtain a letter of recommendation from a professor. Can I submit a letter from my supervisor?
You may submit a letter of recommendation from a current supervisor. If you are currently an undergraduate or are a recent graduate, it is beneficial to provide at least one letter from an academic source. In the case of applying to the biology or English program, it is important that the letters be from professors.

Can my letters of recommendation be emailed to your office or do they have to be sent through the mail?
You will have the opportunity to send a link to your recommender to have their letter emailed directly to your application.If your recommender prefers to mail a letter, letters can be mailed to the address listed above.

Is a minimum GRE/MAT or GPA required?
Applications are reviewed holistically, taking all elements of your file into consideration. While your previous coursework and test scores will be part of the review, there is no minimum cut-off to prevent you from applying to a graduate program.

What is the GRE Institutional Code for John Carroll University?
The code for John Carroll University is 1342.

When should I take the GRE if it is required for the program for which I am applying?
It takes approximately three weeks to receive official test results, so please allow a sufficient amount of time for them to arrive and plan accordingly.

Do I need transcripts from every school I’ve attended?
Yes, you do need to request official transcripts from every school you have attended beyond high school if the coursework appears as transfer credit on the degree-conferring transcript. This includes junior and community colleges and study-abroad institutions.

My name has changed and my transcripts or test scores may arrive under a different name. How can I let your office know?
Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies by e-mail or call 216.397.4284.

What sort of credentials are considered to be “official?”
Transcripts are considered to be official if they are mailed directly from the registrar of the university to the Office of Graduate Studies and arrive in a sealed envelope.

TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE test scores are considered official if they arrive directly from the testing agency in a sealed envelope.

How can I check on the status of my application?
The Office of Graduate Studies will e-mail you when you have only one item left to complete your application. Furthermore, we will e-mail you again when your application is complete.

Feel free to e-mail or call our office to find out what materials have been received and what is still outstanding.

Students applying for Spring 2019 and beyond will be able to log into their application account and check the status of outstanding items.


What is the minimum TOEFL score required?
A 79 on the internet-based test.

What is the minimum IELTS score required?
A 6.5 test score.

Will John Carroll University accept an applicant conditionally pending the student reaching the above test score or upon the completion of an ELS program?
The applicant must submit a TOEFL or IELTS score that meets the required level before their application will be forwarded to the appropriate department for evaluation.

How am I expected to I demonstrate evidence of funding for one full year of study in the United States?
Documentation should be in the form of official, notarized bank statements not more than three months old. Official scholarship letters are also admissible.

What does it mean to have my transcripts “evaluated?”
Your international transcripts must be evaluated by an outside service for equivalency to a degree in the U.S. and to place your GPA onto a 4.0 scale. John Carroll will accept evaluations from WES, ECE, or AACRAO. The evaluations must be sent directly from WES, ECE, or AACRAO to our office.

Are international students eligible for financial aid?
While international students are generally not eligible for federal loan money from the U.S. government, they are eligible for John Carroll aid in the form of scholarships and graduate assistantships.

How do I secure a student visa for study in the U.S.? If I have a visa, how do I transfer it to John Carroll?
Once you are accepted to a master’s degree program, the Center for Global Education will process your I-20 paperwork and forward the document to you. If already here on a student visa, the same office will transfer your Sevis file.


I started a graduate program at another university and would like to transfer. Can those classes be transferred to a graduate program at John Carroll?
Yes, you may request the transfer of two comparable classes to John Carroll University. Courses used to complete another degree may not be transferred. A letter grade of “B” or better (does not include B-) must be obtained in order for the class to be considered. Official transcripts must be submitted for the courses to be considered. Approval of the advisor, the chair of the department, and the appropriate dean is required.


I applied a year ago and would like to do so again. How do I reactivate my application?
The Office of Graduate Studies may retain admission materials for a period of two years in many cases. If more than one year has gone by since the time you originally applied, you will certainly want to update your application with a new statement of purpose, resume (if required), and new letters of recommendation. Transcripts, if retained, may be included as part of your new application.

Please be aware that test scores are only valid for a limited time.


Can I take graduate-level classes if I’m not interested in pursuing a degree at this time?
Yes, you may choose to apply as a non-degree seeking student if any of the following applies to you:
1. You wish to enroll in classes for personal enrichment.
2. You would like to satisfy prerequisite course requirements for future admission to a graduate program.
3. You would like to apply for the Pre-Medical Post-Baccalaureate program.
4. You are enrolled at another university and would like to take a class at John Carroll as a transient student.


Can I meet with an admission counselor to learn more about the graduate programs offered?
Yes, you may meet with an admission counselor in person or over the phone. Feel free to schedule an appointment by sending an e-mail or calling 216.397.4284.

Can I schedule a campus tour?
Yes, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies directly to schedule a personalized campus tour customized for graduate applicants. You can arrange a tour time online heree-mail or call 216.397.4284.

When can I expect to receive a decision about my application?
For most programs, you can expect to receive a decision within 30 days from the time your complete application is sent to the appropriate department for review.

The School Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling programs have two scheduled group interview days during each semester. Dependent on the timing of your completed application, it may exceed 30 days for you to receive a response.

The School Psychology program interviews students throughout the semester that precedes the one for which a student applies. Once again, it may exceed 30 days for you to receive a response.

How many classes do I need to take for full-time student status?
A full-time student is registered for nine (9) credit hours in a semester or at least fifteen (15) semester hours during the regular academic year. A part-time student may register for three (3) or more credit hours in a semester.


If I am admitted conditionally and need to submit a degree-conferring transcript upon conferral of my undergraduate degree, to whom should the transcript be sent?
Please send an official, sealed transcript directly from the Registrar of your university to:
Office of Graduate Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
John Carroll University
1 John Carroll Boulevard
University Heights, Ohio, 44118

If I would like to defer my admission to a later term, how do I go about notifying your office?
Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies directly by e-mail or by phone at 216.397.4284.