Adams, Brittany Student Affairs/Student Engagement
Alarcon Rodriguez, Consuelo de las Nieves Biology
Armelli, Brian Student Affairs/Recreation
Arrowsmith, Samantha Counseling
Bartlett, Rachel Counseling
Becza, Noemi Biology
Brumbill, Bryant Biology
Cahill, Sean Theology and Religious Studies
Carver, Ariana Boler School of Business
Cirino, Lisa Center for Career Services
Davis, Sarah English
DeMarchi, Joseph Biology
Dever, Joseph Athletics
DiCamillo, George Athletics
Fisher, Hayle Student Affairs/Student Engagement
Gargas, Cory Biology
Gibala-Broxholm, Brent Academic Advising
Graves, Amelia English
Grolle, Elizabeth Biology
Hall, Jacquelyn Athletics
Hazukova, Vaclava Biology
Hohner, Julia Center for Service and Social Action
Iorio, Silvia English
Johnson, Maria University Counseling Center
Kahai, Simrath-Leeza Early College Mentoring Program
Kesterson, Josh English
Kramer, Stacy Violence Prevention Ctr/Health Promotion
Lange, Zachary Biology
Laterza Barbosa, Julia Biology
Linnville, Maxwell Theology and Religious Studies
Lipcsik, Abigail Athletics
Litzinger, Elizabeth Education and School Psychology
Lopuchovsky, Cary Ann Institutional Effectiveness
Ludlow, Tim Athletics
Lukehart, Victoria Education and School Psychology
Maclean, John Athletics
Maras, Elly Education and School Psychology
Martina Yerena, Jose Biology
Matgouranis, Hannah Services for Students with Disabilities
Mazzaferri, Emily Athletics
McDowell, Madeline Athletics
McGervey, Matthew Management, Marketing and Logistics
Minniti, Vincent Athletics
Nielsen, Reina Biology
Ortosky, Marissa English
Pantani, Nicole Student Affairs/Student Engagement
Perez, Christina Theology and Religious Studies
Poston, Elizabeth Student Affairs/Student Engagement
Rabbitt, Gregory English
Rafoth, Elllie English
Ramsey, Max Boler School of Business
Rivera, Nelson Biology
Rizzo, Christopher Athletics
Rosenberg, Blair Athletics
Schratz, Rachel English
Shewbridge, Kelsey English
Smith, Stella Education and School Psychology
Snow, Rebecca Nonprofit Administration
Stewart, Jessica Boler School of Business
Stolarski, Angelica Theology and Religious Studies
Suttles, Hannah Academic Advising
Svitana, Abigail Boler School of Business
Talerico, Natalie Student Diversity and Inclusion
Tamas, Elizabeth Athletics
Taylor, Allison Education and School Psychology
Taylor, Emily Athletics
Thiry, Derek Biology
Tomusko, Emily English
Tran, Giang Library/Learning Commons
Uterhark, Emily Humanities
Wang, Qiushi Accountancy
Winston, Shanice Center for Digital Media