Agyeman, Elizabeth Mathematics and Computer Science
Alto, Joseph Humanities
Alto, Joseph Theology and Religious Studies
Ankeney, Sara Academic Advising
Armbruster, Dale Athletics/Coaching
Aronson, Sarah Institutional Effectiveness
Arrowsmith, Samantha Counseling
Baggett, Christina Biology
Baker, Katherine Learning Commons/Acad Res Ctr
Banks, Christine Counseling
Barrett, John Theology and Religious Studies
Blanchette, Annelise Biology
Bolton, Sarah Biology
Bornancin, Bradley Education and School Psychology
Botha, Raul Theology and Religious Studies
Byrne, Dierdre English
Cameron, Alexander Biology
Clark, Kimberly Center for Career Services
Coffey, Mary Theology and Religious Studies
Cregan, Gabrielle Education and School Psychology
Debick, Daniel Athletics/Coaching
Dell’Accio, Alfonso Biology
Dodds, Mary Student Activities
Dorn, Michael Athletics/Coaching
Erdir, Merve Boler School of Business
Fearer, Hillary Early College Mentoring
Feeney, Matthew Athletics/Coaching
Ferlotti, Rebecca Communication Management
Flenniken, Sarah English
Foley, Kasey Health Education and Promotion
Ganzfried, Marissa Biology
Garrison, Emily Nonprofit Administration
Gaydosh, Todd Athletics/Coaching
Gerken, Chelsea Student Activities
Goergen, Genevieve Athletics/Coaching
Halle, Rachel Communication Management
Hirsch, Allison Education and School Psychology
Hoch, Samantha Boler School of Business
Hovey, Kyle Biology
Hurt, Julia Communication Management
Jansen, Katie Orientation
Johnson LaBarbera, Sarah English
Kilgore, Jonathan Biology
Kirby, Sean English
Kriz, Ellen English
Krizanovic, Anabela Boler School of Business
Leb, Julia Center for Service and Social Action
Madias, Constantine Boler School of Business
Mai, Truc Thuy Biology
Maier, Natalie Boler School of Business
Malloy, Elizabeth English
Matgouranis, Hannah Services for Students with Disabilities
McConnell, Katherine English
Memmer, Ian Center for Digital Media
Mihalic, Carly University Counseling Center
Miller, James Mathematics and Computer Science
Muller, Clare Biology
Over, Robert Athletics/Physical Education
Pantani, Nicole Student Affairs
Perry, Jennifer Athletics/Coaching
Ponti, Andras Biology
Powell, Melissa English
Price, Tori Athletics/Coaching
Primm, Ashley Education and School Psychology
Reider, Ian Biology
Robinson, Morgan Recreation
Rogers, Emily English
Roule, Spencer Athletics/Coaching
Saffell, Joseph Boler School of Business
Schuman, Eric Athletics/Coaching
Session, Sherrie Athletics/Physical Education
Shalygin, Sergey Biology
Sloat, Jennifer Boler School of Business
Stephens, Joshua Education and School Psychology
Twitchell, Jessica Mathematics and Computer Science
Vodolazkiy, David English
Waldron, Brian Biology
Wells, Alexander English
White, Mariah Arrupe Scholars
Wier, Rebecca Biology
Younes, Michael Theology and Religious Studies
Zawislan, Deborah Theology and Religious Studies