Withdrawal from a course or from the university on a temporary or permanent basis involves a procedure as formal as that of registration. Students are responsible for following the appropriate procedures, available through the student’s respective college, and on the website.

Notice to the instructor or continued absence from class does not constitute a withdrawal, and the only result from such action will be the assignment of the grade “WF.” To safeguard the academic record, therefore, as well as to secure any refund, the student must carry out proper withdrawal procedures personally in the Student Service Center.

The following percentages of the charge for tuition will be refunded if obligations have been paid in full, or credited if there is a balance due. The schedule below is for the fall and spring semesters only; the refund schedule for the summer sessions is published annually in the Schedule of Summer Classes.

Within the first week of class: 100%
Within the second week of class: 67%
Within the third week of class: 33%
After the third week of class: 0%