Please read the following steps for completing and processing the Transient Petition form:

  • Your last 30 credit hours must be taken at John Carroll. You must take summer classes at a 4-year institution after acquiring 64 credit hours. Only credit hours, NOT grades, will transfer to JCU.
  • Complete the student information section and the university information section. The total number of hours you have completed must be filled.
  • Fill in the course number, course title, and credit hours at the host institution.
  • The John Carroll University department chair will fill in the JCU equivalent. You will need the signature of the JCU department chair.
  • Indicate in the “Comments” section how you want the class to transfer to JCU. For example, core requirement such as a letter designation or division, major, minor, or concentration. Please attach a course description for core course.
  • Return the completed Transient Petition form to the Assistant Deans Office for approval.

Click here for the form.