Congratulations to the following Graduates for completing their Essay/Thesis/Creative Project:

Annelise Blanchette – MS Biology
Thesis – “The Antipredator Behaviors of Cryptic and Aposematic Anurans and Variability in Alkaloids, Conspicuousness, and Pattern Within Dendrobates Auratus (Dendrobatidae)” 

Raul Botha – MA Theology and Religious Studies
Essay – “Catholicism and New Media: Context, Characteristics, Choices”

Nathaniel Ferron – MA Mathematics – High School
Essay – “An Introduction to Topology for the High School Student”

Amanda Folk – MA Communications Management
Creative Project – “Chronic Disease Management & Fitness Trackers Through the Lens of the Health Belief Model & Diffusion of Innovations Theory”

Marissa Ganzfried – MS Biology
Thesis – “Variation in Cranial Morphology of Polymorphic Populations of the Eastern Red-Backed Salamander, Plethodon Cinereus”

Angela Granata – MA Humanities
Essay – “Justice as Fairness: The Best We Can Do?”

Lucia Heddleson – MA Humanities
Essay – “Rediscovering the Humanness of School: An Examination of Immigrant Identity Through the Complexity of Student-Teacher Interaction”

Teresa Keyes – MA Humanities
Essay – “Fashion, A Reflection of Social History”

Irene Malinga – MA Communications Management
Creative Project – “Running Head: Social Media Use for Non-Profit in Kenya”

Martin McGrath – MA Humanities
Thesis – “Suger: Managing Church and State Through St. -Denis”

Zulaikha Mujib – MA Humanities
Essay – “And Jacob was Left Alone”: Liminality and Isolation as the Necessary Conditions for Authentic Selfhood and Authentic Humanity”

Clare Muller – MS Biology
Thesis – “Foliar Mineral Accumulation Patterns of Gypsophiles and Their Relatives from the USA and Spain”

Meghan Nielsen – MA Mathematics
Essay – “Discovering Calculus with the TI-Nspire CAS Calculator”

Andras Ponti – MS Biology
Thesis – “Small Molecule Activation of Type-1 Interferon Signaling”

Ian Reider – MS Biology
Thesis – “The Influence of Matrix Contrast on Species Richness in Fragmented Landscapes”

Sarah Szweda – MA Communications Management
Creative Project – “Public Relations Strategies to Manage Collegiate Co-Curricular Programs”

Brian Waldron – MS Biology
Thesis – “Genetic Analysis of Distinct Clades of Plethodon Cinereus at a Secondary Contact Zone in Northeast Ohio”

Michael Wright – MA Mathematics – High School
Essay – “Ready, SET®, Learn!”

Michael Younes – MA Theology and Religious Studies
Essay – “Engaging Romans: An Exegetical Analysis of Romans 1:26-27”

The Essays/Theses/Creative Projects can be viewed here:

Posted on March 29, 2017