Earning Engaging the Global Community (EGC) credit while studying abroad:

All students who participate in and complete a credit-bearing study abroad experience may apply to have their study abroad experience satisfy the Engaging the Global Community (EGC) core requirement.
This application involves submission of a reflective essay in which the student demonstrates how the study abroad experience (both the coursework completed and the overall experience of living abroad) meets the EGC learning goals.
To receive EGC credit for study abroad, the student must:

  1. Attend the mandatory pre-departure orientation offered by the Center for Global Education (CGE), where students will receive the prompt for the reflective essay;
  2. Complete the study abroad experience;
  3. Discuss the reflective essay during a mandatory reflective debriefing offered by the CGE;
  4. Write the essay, responding to the prompt and adhering to the EGC rubric, and submit it electronically to the CGE.

Once the student’s essay is received, the CGE Director (or her/his designee) will verify that the essay requirement is complete and forward the essay to the Assessment office for future use. The CGE will then notify the Registrar (and the student) that the EGC core curriculum graduation requirement for the student has been waived.
Study abroad experiences that may be used to meet this requirement:

Full year abroad Yes
Semester abroad Yes
Summer study abroad experience Yes (if longer than 3 weeks)
Intersession Yes
JCU Sponsored Yes
Sponsored by another institution Yes
Incomplete study abroad experience (i.e., in which time is cut short by illness or emergency) No
Study abroad or international travel not completed for academic credit No
One or two-week immersion experience No
Travel completed as part of a particular course at JCU (e.g. Berlin Seminar) No (though many of these courses will also count for EGC credit – consult with the course instructor).

EGC Essay Prompt