Dear parents, family, and guardians of a student who wishes to study abroad,

Thank you for visiting this website. It is important that you are informed about the opportunities, procedures, and costs involved with studying in a foreign country. It is great that you are taking an active interest in your child’s plans to study abroad. Please explore the extensive information that is provided throughout our web site.

The benefits of studying abroad are numerous. Of course students may increase their knowledge of a foreign language, learn about the culture and history of another place, and experience wonderful things that are not possible domestically. Students who study abroad will also undergo tremendous personal growth, be better able to handle ambiguity and adversity, become more self-confident, learn to look at their own native culture from a new perspective, and improve critical thinking and problem solving skills.

We work very hard in the Center for Global Education to help students find a program that best fits their goals with regard to academics, social aspects, financial concerns, and personal comfort level. We aim to inform students about the options, and the pros and cons of each program. Ultimately the choice of whether to study abroad and where to study abroad should be the student’s choice, and the effort must be made by the student themselves. Please encourage your child to interact with our office directly.

Many parents are concerned about the costs of studying abroad. Granted, travelling to another country is not cheap. There are two important points about studying abroad through John Carroll University:

  1. Students will not fall behind academically while studying abroad. They will work with their academic advisors to choose courses—for their major or core requirements—that will help them graduate on time. Studying abroad is not a vacation, and does not mean that a student will need more than four years to graduate.
  2. Students do not need to go into debt to study abroad. There are additional scholarships available to students specifically for studying abroad, which students are only eligible for because they study abroad. We work very hard to help students find additional scholarships to make studying abroad more affordable.

We suggest you help prepare yourself for the study abroad experience by visiting the following website and reading though the various modules.

Since you will want to continue offering support when your student returns, we have included

We work very hard in the Center for Global Education to provide opportunities to study abroad that are of value academically, affordable, and safe. If you have any questions that are not answered on our web site, please feel free to contact us directly by phone at 216.397.4320 or by email at