In order to celebrate the kick-off of the Forever Carroll Campaign, and to encourage the highest participation from faculty and staff, all donors who give $10, $20 or $30 per month via payroll deduction, recurring credit card gift or give a one-time contribution of $120, $240 or $360+ will receive a donor gift.

Annual Gift of(Per Month)Gift
AnyI ❤ JCU pin
$120$10Straw tumbler
$240$20Tote bag
$360$30"Sweatshirt" blanket

Donor gifts will be delivered on-campus in the month after gift/pledge was made (i.e. a donor who makes a gift/pledge in October will receive their premium in November)

Donors making pledges will only receive premiums if pledge is made via payroll deduction or as a recurring credit card gift. Other pledges are not eligible for donor premium.