Bukala Forgiveness Initiative

Send a Forgiveness Message

Throughout the year, and especially during Lent, we are encouraged to reflect on our life, acknowledge our trespasses and ask for forgiveness.  While the sacrament of reconciliation heals our relationship with Jesus, we must also ask forgiveness from those we have offended in order to fully heal.

We invite you to begin your own forgiveness journey today.  Reach out to someone who deserves your apology.  The sample message below is intended as a guide to help you initiate the difficult and humbling act of asking for forgiveness.  Be prepared for the chance that you may not be forgiven.  We often underestimate the level of hurt we have caused others.  Regardless of the response you receive, or lack thereof, keep the door open.  As Father Bukala tells us, forgiveness is “a gift that we give ourselves and then to the other.”  Everyone’s journey will end in different ways.  A successful journey is one that begins and ends with trust in God’s plan for our life.

Email template: 


Hopefully this message finds you well.  Although we have not spoken in a while, you have been in my thoughts.  In fact, I recently discovered the Bukala Forgiveness Initiative website and after reading stories of forgiveness, I am writing to apologize for my hurtful behavior.  I am sorry for (ENTER SPECIFICS).

Our relationship may never fully mend and things may not ever return to the way they were, but my intention is to acknowledge the wrong I have done and mend the hurt I have caused you.

I wish you peace and healing during this Lenten season.  May Easter bring the hope of new beginnings.