Bukala Forgiveness Initiative

Resources and Suggested Readings

Fr. Bukala’s Suggested Readings on “Forgiveness”

  • Learning to Forgive by Doris Donnelly
  • Why Forgive? by Johann Christoph Arnold
  • The Sunflower by Simon Wiesenthal
  • Lord, I Hurt! The Grace of Forgiveness And The Road To Healing by Anne Costa
  • Healing The Hurts We Don’t Deserve by Lewis B. Smedes
  • The Art Of Forgiving. When You Need To Forgive And Don’t Know How by Lewis Smedes
  • How To Forgive Oneself And Others by Eamon Tobin
  • No Future Without Forgiveness by Desmond Tutu
  • The Forgiving Family. First Steps To Reconciliation by Carol Luebering
  • Healing Life’s Hurts. Healing Memories Through The Five Steps Of Forgiveness by Dennis Linn and Matthew Linn
  • From Anger To Forgiveness by Earnie Larsen, with Carol Larsen Hegarty
  • How To Forgive When You Can’t Forget by Charlie Klein
  • The Process Of Forgiveness by William A. Meninger
  • Five Steps To Forgiveness by Everett Worthington
  • Forgive And Love Again. Healing Wounded Relationships by John Nieder and Thomas M. Thompson
  • Fire Of Grace. The Healing Power Of Forgiveness by Richard W. Rouse
  • From Forgiven to Forgiving. Learning To Forgive One Another God’s Way by Jay Adams
  • Lay Person’s Manual For The Healing Ministry by Fr. Robert DeGrandis
  • Forgiveness & Inner Healing by Betty Tapscott and Fr. Robert DeGrandis
  • To Forgive Is Divine by Fr. Robert DeGrandis
  • Forgiveness Is Healing by Fr. Robert DeGrandis
  • The Forgiveness Prayer For Leaders by Fr. Robert DeGrandis
  • Young People’s Forgiveness Prayer by Fr. Robert DeGrandis


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