Awards, Grants, and Fellowships

Teaching Awards
Congratulations to Carl Anthony, Department of Biology, who is the winner of the Lucrezia Culicchia Award for Teaching Excellence in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Congratulations to Scott Allen, Department of Management, Marketing, and Logistics, who is the winner of the Wasmer Outstanding Teaching Award. Nominees for this position include the top vote-getter in the student- voted Favorite Teacher Award, the most highly-rated faculty member from each department based on the results of student evaluations, and one nomination by the three department chairs.

Advising Awards
The winner of the inaugural William O’Hearn Award for Academic Advising is Kathleen Manning, Department of Education and Allied Studies.

Boler Awards
Congratulations to Al Nagy, Walter Simmons, and Scott Allen, who are the Mulwick scholars, who are designated to a three-year term of support based on a history of consistent high-quality research productivity.

Congratulations to Tom Zlatoper and Bob Bloom, who are the Wasmer Fellows, who are designated for a three-year term based on a consistently strong performance as a contributing citizen of the Boler School of Business and John Carroll University communities.

Summer Course Development Grants
These grants are to support the development of new courses in several categories: Catholic Studies, Jesuit topics, Applied Ethics, and Diversity:

Catholic Studies
Emily Butler, Department of English, for “Medieval Women,” which will address the major questions and theoretical positions that frame the study of medieval women through primary sources paired with secondary scholarship.

Ed Hahnenberg, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, for a course titled “Catholicism in a Digital Age” that will study the theological significance of the digital revolution for the Catholic experience of faith.

Medora Barnes, Department of Sociology and Criminology, for a course called “Fathers, Warriors, and Athletes: Images of Masculinity in Modern Society” that will examine problems related to how masculinity is conceived of and the consequences for both genders and society as a whole.

Malia McAndrew, Department of History, for “Women in the Contemporary World” that will examine twentieth-century women’s history from a global perspective.

Summer Teaching Fellowships
Summer Teaching Fellowships support faculty engagement in pedagogical scholarship in ways that improve the classroom experience, provide models for effective teaching, and pioneer new teaching methods.

Angie Jones, Department of Psychology, will investigate which of two schedules of testing in an introductory psychology course leads to the best memory retention for students.

Julia Karolle-Berg, Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures, will revise the first four semesters of core courses in German to shift the curriculum to proficiency-based instruction and assessment and to incorporate intercultural competence.

John Rausch, Department of Education and Allied Studies, will develop the first in a sequence of courses in a new graduate degree specialty in educational assessment and accountability as part of a move to fully online coursework for this track.

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