Events and Awards of Note

Carrie Buchanan, Lisa Flaherty, Tracy Masterson, Malia McAndrew, and Megan Thornton participated in a panel about using service learning in the classroom at the conference “On Fire at the Frontiers: Commitment to Justice in Jesuit Higher Education” at Creighton University, August 1-4, 2013. Organized and chaired by Peggy Finucane, the panel was titled “Expanding frontiers in Learning and Academia.” Rich Clark and Jimmy Menkhaus (now at Gannon University) also participated in the conference. Menkhaus presented “Fr. Pedro Arrupe’s Ignatian Solidarity Applied to the Jesuit Classroom.”

From left: Carrie Buchanan, Lisa Flaherty, Malia McAndrew, Peggy Finucane, Megan Thornton, and Tracy Masterson

From left: Carrie Buchanan, Lisa Flaherty, Malia McAndrew, Peggy Finucane, Megan Thornton, and Tracy Masterson

Dan Kilbride’s latest author interview, this one with Simon Newman, author of A New World of Labor: The Development of Plantation Slavery in the British Atlantic, appeared at on October 10. Part of the New Books Network, Dan hosts the podcast series New Books in American Studies in which he chooses interesting books in the field and interviews the authors for about an hour in a wide-ranging discussion about the books and their other interests.

Carrie Buchanan was selected as an inaugural Fellow of the Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver Center for the Advancement of Women at Florida International University. She attended the Center’s inaugural workshop for the 24 Center Fellows at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Convention in Washington, D.C., on August 7, 2013, and subsequently will continue to participate in the program.

Doris Donnelly was awarded a planning grant in the amount of $125,373 from the John Templeton Foundation for the project “Expanding the Parameters of God’s Revelation: Planning for an International Conference for Roman Catholic Seminary Rector-Presidents and Deans.”

Denise Ben Porath had her study with Ryan Marek ’11 about treating premeal anxiety as it relates to eating disorders (see the citation in the ‘Notes’ section) featured on DugDug, a website dedicated to disseminating significant advances in science in accessible language for nonspecialist readers.

As part of their experience as Burton D. Morgan CAS Entrepreneurship Fellows, Jennifer Catellier and Naveed Piracha participated in the workshop “The Experiential Classroom: Becoming a Great Entrepreneurship Educator” at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida, September 26-29, 2013.

Medora Barnes was interviewed by (the electronic arm of Postmedia Network, Canada’s largest publisher of English-language newspapers) about her article on gendered prenatal buying patterns (see the citation in ‘Notes’). It made the electronic ‘front page’ of the national news section on October 14.

Editors of Smart Business magazine interviewed Jenna Drenten about personal branding for their September issue and Jim Martin and Jaume Franquesa about business planning during uncertain times for their October issue.

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