Study tours, immersion trips

BL 406 tropical Field Biology
Ralph Saporito and Chris Sheil (Biology) and
Andy Jones (Curator and Head of Ornithology, Cleveland Museum of Natural History)

EA 398 China in transition
Pam Mason (Political Science),
Gwen compton-Engle (Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures),
Roger Purdy (History),
Karen Schuele (Boler School)

HS 332/PO 351 Berlin
Reich to Republic: Matt Berg (History),
Andreas Sobisch (Political Science)

IC 164 Italian
Literary Parks (Milan)

Luigi Ferri, Santa Casciani, and Jeffrey LaFavre (Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures)

Lisa Ramsey (Student Activities),
Megan O’Dell-Scott (Theology and Religious Studies)

New Orleans
David Rainey (Psychology),
Tom Reilley (Business Office)

Mary Ann Hanicak (Student Affairs),
Salo Rodezno (Diversity and Inclusion)

January: Jimmy Menkhaus (Theology and Religious Studies),
Sophie Kus (College of Arts and Sciences);
March: Mike Roeder (Facilities),
Holly Mittelmeier (Student Activities)

Lauren Bowen (Provost’s Office),
Sheri Crahen (Dean of Students)

Jim Krukones (Provost’s Office),
Paula Fitzgerald (Campus Ministry)

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