Grauel fellowship recipients

Scott Allen
Department of Management, Marketing, and Logistics (on leave Spring 2014) will accelerate
the development of an empirically testable model of leadership development, which is an emerging field of research and study.

Medora Barnes
Department of Sociology and Criminology (on leave Fall 2013) will organize, transcribe, and analyze qualitative data from a study that uses in-depth interviews to explore the ways parents who conceived their children using an anonymous sperm donor construct a sense of family. The study examines family relationships on various levels.

Carrie Buchanan
Department of Communication and Theatre Arts (on leave Fall 2013) will examine how three hyperlocal publications that serve Cleveland’s Heights communities build a sense of place and how they compare to one another in that regard.

Santa Casciani
Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures (on leave Spring 2014) will finish and proof two major articles, “The Darkness of Silence: Bonaventure and Dante,” and “The Tears of Love: Dante and the Franciscans.”

Michael Eng
Department of Philosophy (on leave Spring 2014) will complete the final chapter of
a book-length manuscript “The Scene of the Voice: Language and the Aisthesis of Finitude.”

Jeff Johansen
Department of Biology (on leave Spring 2014) will study cyanobacterial strains isolated from tropical regions, with emphasis on collections from the Hawaiian Islands.

Erin Johnson
Department of Biology (on leave Spring 2014) will use small organic compounds to enhance the mammalian immune response to viral infections.

David Mascotti
Department of Chemistry (on leave Fall 2013) will explore further the molecular basis of how an enzyme that is known to protect all living things from free radical damage binds to, and perhaps, protects preferred regions of our DNA and RNA.

Naveed Piracha
Department of Physics (on leave Fall 2013) will study atoms and their characteristics using lasers.

Catherine Rosemary
Department of Education and Allied Studies (on leave Spring 2014) will develop further two studies
focusing on: (a) theoretical bases and components of instructional coaching programs; (b) inquiry processes used by coaches to scaffold teachers’ decision-making about effective instructional practices; and (c) contextual and individual factors that influence instructional coaching.

Linda Seiter
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (on leave Spring 2014)
will produce a framework for studying and assessing the development of computational thinking in grades K-8.

Yi Shang
Department of Education and Allied Studies (on leave Fall 2013) will develop a study to counteract the measurement-error-induced bias of growth models and improve the validity of teacher and school evaluations.

Peifang Tian
Department of Physics (on leave Fall 2013 and Spring 2014) will theoretically model light propagation in a complex medium, such as the living cortex using Monte Carlo simulation, which allows more accurate interpretation of optical imaging studies.

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