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A brief background
Grasselli Library bought a program last spring that enables the collection, preservation, and display of digital content – software that was desperately needed for all of the material being digitized during JCU’s 125th anniversary and beyond. And so was born the Digit Team (Digital Grasselli), headed by Ruth Connell, with expertise contributed by Mina Chercourt, George Leggiero, Laurene DiCillo, Charles Zarobila, and Tia Pearson. The team selected Digital Commons, a hosted software platform offered by bepress. The library was also able to hire a part-time director for the project, Samantha Schneider, who has been busy developing JCU’s site, now called “Carroll Collected.”

What is Selected Works?
Selected Works is a separate, but related, piece of software created by bepress. It is a research announcement tool that maximizes the readership and impact of faculty work. This tool makes possible individual faculty bibliographies with university branding while providing a high level of web-publishing technology. It was designed and optimized to help research be discovered and shared. JCU’s Selected Works pages will not only be available on the open web, but will be distributed through bepress’s international network of scholarship. All Selected Works content is automatically available via the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) to a broad array of scholarship distribution services. All sites are optimized for Google and Google Scholar and can be changed to view the presented material by subject or by type of work.

Many JCU faculty members have web pages already. Typically these pages allow a faculty member to upload papers, a photograph and a biography, and perhaps link to multimedia. Selected Works will do all these things and provide an RSS feed and readership reports and statistics. Additionally, space is provided for listings of courses taught, awards won, service activities, or whatever a faculty member believes is important to note.

Why the library?
Librarians are embedded in the process of scholarly communication in many ways, most specifically in issues of open access and copyright. Since copyright can be trumped by a contract and teaching faculty often do not have the time needed to thoroughly check their rights on their material, Grasselli Library’s role in Selected Works is to mediate the sites and provide value-added services. The library will set up the sites and subsequently can continue to provide maintenance for the site or turn it over to the faculty member, according to individual preference. The services the library will provide for each site include:
• finding and gathering articles and other scholarly materials;
• performing the rights checking against publishers’ policies;
• scanning, retypesetting and other file preparation;
• metadata preparation; and
• uploading.

The process of bringing up all the sites will take time. Already liaison librarians have been talking with faculty members about the program. The first phase will be to catch all the articles for which publishers will allow a PDF upload. These will provide the initial content for the creation of the sites, which will happen later this month. Next, the librarians will distribute lists of articles for which a preprint or postprint is allowed. The liaison librarians will be asking for books published to create links to publisher’s sites and for copies of presentations and papers to go on Selected Works.

What does the library need from faculty?
1. The first thing the library needs to move forward is for faculty members who does not want a Selected Works page to notify their library liaison about that immediately.

2. Faculty could help by sending a current CV to their library liaison to expedite the gathering process and ensure its accuracy.

3. Faculty will be receiving letters from liaison librarians listing materials identified for inclusion on Selected Works. All faculty should respond to these promptly if there is something listed that, for whatever reason, they do not want uploaded.

JCU faculty member Paul Lauritzen created a Selected Works page several years ago. This is what the Selected Works pages will look like, (see image at left) with the exception that the John Carroll logo will appear where the Selected Works logo is:

For more information about Selected Works, visit

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