Listed are self-reported faculty accomplishments in research, teaching, and scholarly achievement, along with other professional activities.

Leslie Curtis published “From Appearance to Apparition and Reflection: Symbolist Constructions
of Salome, John the Baptist, and the Spectator’s Severed Head,” in Symbolism, Its Origins and Consequences, ed.
Rosina Neginsky (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011) 209-250.

Professor Curtis also delivered the paper “The Mystic Knight and the Severed Head” at the conference The Symbolist Movement, Its Origins and Consequences, Allerton Park, University of Illinois Retreat Center, Monticello, IL, April 28, 2012.

Gerry Guest published “Illuminated Manuscripts as Machines” Manuscripta 55:2 (2011) 139-169.

Kristen Ehrhardt delivered a paper titled “Fillies and Fawns: Multiple Allusions in Horace’s Lyric Landscape (Odes 1.23)” at the 108th Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South in Baton Rouge, LA, March 28 – 31, 2012.

Bob Noll served as a judge for the 2012 Ohio Center for the Book Letters About Literature Campaign Contest at The Cleveland Public Library during the first week of March.

On March 6, Professor Noll talked about Fred Astaire and his television work before the screening of The 1958 Fred Astaire Special for members of The Music Theater Project at John Carroll University. The event was co-sponsored by the communications department and was attended by more than 60 people from the community.

Professor Noll introduced the film “Carol Channing: Larger Than Life” for the Cleveland International Film Festival’s screening at The Shaker Square Cinemas on March 27. Noll had worked with Ms. Channing years ago at the old Musicarnival professional theater.

Jackie Schmidt presented two papers, “Hearing the voice of successful small college/university undergraduate programs: an analysis of Rex Mix Award winners” and “Voices from the Small and Undergraduate University Section of NCA” with Penny Krampien and Tina Facca at the National Communication Association Annual Convention in New Orleans, November 17 – 20, 2011.

Professor Schmidt also presented two papers at the Central States Communication Association Conference in Cleveland, March 27 – April 1, 2012. The first was “Using Internships to Develop Community Relationships,” and the second, with Aimee Lau and Deborah Ueecker, was “Making Connections: Friendship between Close, Business, and Internet Friends in the United States, Russia, and Croatia.”

Professor Schmidt, Jack Soper, and Jill Bernaciak presented “Creativity in the Entrepreneurship Program: A survey of Directors of Award Winning Programs,” at the Allied Academies Conference in New Orleans, April 4 – 6, 2012.

John Rausch published “A Case Study of the Identity Development of an Adolescent Male with Emotional Disturbance and 48, XYYY Karyotype in an Institutional Setting” in The Qualitative Report 17:1 (2012) 222-243.

Kathleen Roskos published a chapter titled “Four Play Pedagogies and a Promise for Children’s Learning,” in Knowledge Development in Early Childhood, eds. Ashley Pinkham, Tanya Kaefer, and Susan Neuman (New York: Guilford Press, 2012).

Mary E. Weems gave the keynote speech titled “One Love: Empathy and the Imagination-Intellect,” at the 8th International Globalization Diversity & Education Conference hosted by Washington State University in Vancouver, WA, February 22 – 24, 2012.

Professor Weems assumed the series editorship for “What’s Going on: Black Studies and the Arts,” part of the new series by “Black Studies and Critical Thinking” by Peter Lang Publishing. The first book to appear is The Teacher, the Student and the Muse by Joanne Kilgour Dowdy.

George Bilgere published “Musial” in Shenandoah: The Washington and Lee University Review 61:2 (Winter 2012). Professor Bilgere published “Grecian Temples,” “Bus Boy,” “Problem,” and “Jane” in The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor, October 2011 through February 2012, http://writersalmanac.

Professor Bilgere also published “One Good Pork Chop,” and “Eighty Yards” in River Styx 86 (2011) 28-30; “Traverse City,” “Journal,” “Royalty,” and “Death, Cashews, and No Country for Old Men” in New Ohio Review 10 (2011) 109-113, 143- 144; and “Bus Boy,” “What is Lost,” and “Cyclists” in Paddlefish 5 (2011) 11-15.

John McBratney published a review of Kipling Children’s Literature: Language, Identity, and Constructions of Childhood by Sue Walsh in Victorian Studies 54:1 (2011) 115-17.

Alissa Nutting published the essay “Prelude to a Kiss” in the New York Times April 23, 2012.

Thomas Pace presented “Mad Men as Generation X Understanding of the 1960s” at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference in Boston, April 11 – 14, 2012.

Professor Pace presented “Academic Style and Critical Thinking: An Apologia for They Say/I Say” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication Convention in St. Louis, March 21 – 24, 2012.

Anne Kugler presented “‘The Keepers of the House Shall Tremble’: Old Age, Physical Mobility, and Space in Early Modern England” at the European Social Sciences History Conference Annual Meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, April 11 – 14, 2012.

David Robson spoke about “English Influence on the American Colonies: Three Episodes” at the Rowfant Club in Cleveland, March 14, 2012.

Barbara D’Ambrosia and Carl Spitznagel presented an invited session titled “Creating Calculus Demos with GeoGebra 4” at the 24th Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics in Orlando, March 23 – 25, 2012.

Professors D’Ambrosia and Spitznagel also published “Geogebra: Dynamic Mathematics Made Easy” in the Proceedings of the 22nd Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (Boston: Pearson Education, 2011) 66-73.

Sharon Kaye edited What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Lover (Chicago: Open Court Publishing Company, 2012), in which she published a chapter titled “The Secret of Lust.”

Jen McWeeny published “The Feminist Phenomenology of Excess: Ontological Multiplicity, Auto-jealousy, and Suicide in Beauvoir’s L’Invitée” in Continental Philosophy Review 45:1 (2012) 41-75.

Professor McWeeny was invited to be the Women’s History Month Scholar in Residence at Wright State University where she gave the International Women’s Day keynote lecture, “The Reversible Flesh of Women and Nonhuman Animals: Rethinking Connection and Difference in Feminist Theory,” a workshop on inclusive embodied pedagogy, and two seminars about her published work.

Professor McWeeny presented “How Can I Be Sexist, Racist, and Heterosexist and Not Even Know It?” at the American Philosophical Association Conference in Washington, D.C., December 27 – 30, 2011.

Professor McWeeny was chosen as a participant in the 2012 National Endowment for Humanities Summer Institute, “Investigating Consciousness: Buddhist and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives,” which will take place in Charleston, S.C., May 21 through June 2, 2012.

Mariana Ortega conducted a workshop titled “Critical Mestizaje: Working With and Beyond Gloria Anzaldua’s New Mestiza” and presented a public lecture titled “Worldtraveling and Multiple Consciousness” as part of the Advancing Women and Minorities in the Academy: Feminism and Critical Race Theory Lecture Series at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, November 29, 2011.

Professor Ortega delivered the keynote address in the Symposium “Philosophy Without Borders” at Florida Gulf Coast University April 6. She presented the paper titled “Self-Mapping, Be- Longing, and the Home Question” and a commentary about the work of Ofelia Schutte, which was being honored in the symposium.

David Rainey published “Sports Officials’ Reports of Hearing Trash Talk and their Responses to Trash Talk” in Journal of Sport Behavior 35:1 (2012) 78-93.

Ed Hahnenberg published “Exceptional Ministers: Where Parish Life Coordinators Might Lead” in New Theology Review 24:4 (November 2011) and “Systematic Theology at a Catholic University” in AJCU Connections 12:6 (February 2012).

Professor Hahnenberg was a featured speaker for a webinar sponsored by five Jesuit universities about the theme “The Genius of Ignatian Spirituality for the 21st Century” March 16, 23, and 30, 2012. Professor Hahnenberg gave several public lectures, including a keynote at the Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities Annual Meeting in Bonita Springs, FL, February 2 and 3; a presentation titled “The Struggle to Serve: Ministering with Hope in Today’s Church” at the Mid-Atlantic Congress for Pastoral Leadership in Baltimore March 8; and two day-long workshops for the elementary and secondary religion teachers of the Diocese of Cleveland.

Zeki Saritoprak published “Fethullah Gülen and His Theology of Social Responsibility” in Mastering Knowledge in Modern Times, ed. Ismail Albayrak (New York: Blue Dome Press 2011) 85-96.

Professor Saritoprak gave a presentation about the Islamic approach to the environment to a class on exploration of the Abrahamic faiths in relationship to the environmental crisis at Siegal College in Beachwood, February 28, 2012.

Professor Saritoprak and Dr. Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy at Boston College and King’s College, participated in a panel titled “Between Muhammad and Jesus: an Interfaith Dialogue” for an audience of about 600 people at the University of Illinois, March 8, 2012.

Professor Saritoprk also gave lectures titled “Rumi: A Paragon of Love” and “Islam: Faith and Practice” at Western Illinois University March 7 and at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation March 14, 2012, respectively.

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