Calendar of events


Monday, March 26 – Thursday, March 29
Celebration of Scholarship

Friday, April 13
New Faculty Seminar
Faculty Council Officers Dwight Hahn and Jen McWeeny discuss “Shared Governance at John Carroll”

Tuesday, April 17
Teaching Technology Lunch Series
Medora Barnes, Department of Sociology, and Carrie Buchanan, Department of Communications and Theatre Arts, “Using Technology for Student Projects – Flip Cameras and iPads”

Thursday, April 19
Scholarly Lunch Series
Julia Karolle-Berg, Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures, presents “The Case of the Missing Detective Novels: Tracking Down a Tradition in the German-Speaking World (1900-33),” and Tom Pace, Department of English, presents “Weapons of Mass Instruction: Style as Counterpublic to the Public Sphere.”

Friday, April 20
Copyright Workshop
Cindy Kristof, Head of Access Services at Kent State University, in conjunction with the faculty of Grasselli Library, leads a workshop about understanding copyright and dealing with it for teaching purposes.

Tuesday, April 24
Scholarly Lunch Series
Carl Anthony, Department of Biology, presents “The Eastern Red-Backed Salamander in Ohio,” and Paul Challen, Department of Chemistry, presents “Development of Pincer Complexes and their Applications in Catalysis.”

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