Listed are self-reported faculty accomplishments in research, teaching, and scholarly achievement, along with other professional activities.

J.J. James, Rebecca Drenovsky, M.J. Rinella, and T.A. Monaco published “Managing soil Nitrogen to Restore Annual Grass Infested Plant Communities: An Effective Strategy or Incomplete Framework?” in Ecological Applications 21 (2011) 490-502.

C. Kueffer, Ü. Niinemets, Professor Drenovsky, J. Kattge, P. Milberg, H. Poorter, P.B. Reich, C. Werner, M. Westoby, and I.J. Wright published “Fame, Glory and Neglect in Meta- analyses” in Trends in Ecology and Evolution 26:10 (2011) 493-494.

Professor Drenovsky, A.M. Martin, M.R. Falasco, J.H. Richards published “Comparative Ecology of Sarcobatus baileyi and S. vermiculatus in Eastern California” in Western North American Naturalist 71 (2011) 234-239.

Lauren Bowen, Peggy Finucane, John Jackson ‘13, Miriam McGinn-Moorer ‘10, ‘12G, and Jimmy Rudyk ‘10 presented “(Re)Mapping Democracy through Service-Learning: Engaging Urban Students in We, the People” at the annual meeting of the International Association for Research on Service Learning and Civic Engagement in Chicago, November 3, 2011.

Megan Thornton presented “Listening to the Aural Borderlands: Musical Representations of Mexican Immigrant Experiences” at Cleveland State University’s 4th Crossing Over Symposium, October 7-9, 2011.

Professor Thornton also presented “Orality as Play in Mario Bencastro’s Odisea del Norte” at the 53rd Annual Convention of the Midwest Modern Language Association, St. Louis, November 3-6, 2011.

Bob Noll’s play “Famous” (his 31st produced play) premiered at the North Park Vaudeville Theater in San Diego, California on October 28, 2011.

Professor Noll also gave a talk on October 14 about the history of producing and directing live Broadway musicals during the Golden Age of Television for 40 members of the Musical Theater Project, a non-profit organization celebrating the American Musical and the Great American Songbook.

Jackie Schmidt and Yemi Akande published “Faculty Perceptions of the First-Generation Student Experience and Programs at Tribal Colleges” in New Directions for Teaching And Learning, eds. Vicki L. Harvey and Teresa Heinz Housel 127 (Fall 2011) 41-54.

Professor Schmidt, Jack Soper (EC/ FN), and Judith Staley Brenneke published “One Size Does Not Fit All: An Alternative Approach to Cross Campus Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship” in the Journal of Business and Economics 2:6 (2011) 417-424.

Professor Schmidt, Professor Soper, and Jill Bernaciak published “Assessing Creativity In The Entrepreneurship Classroom” in Small Business Institute National Conference Proceedings, 35:1 (2011) 349-353.

Cecile Brennan published “The Role of Research in Art Therapy Master’s Degree Programs” in Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association 28:3 (2011) 140-144.

Professor Brennan, Christopher M. Faiver, and Paula J. Britton published “Field Placement: ‘Where the Rubber Hits the Road.’” The Counselor Educator’s Survival Guide, eds. Dilani M Perara-Diltz and Kathryn C. MacCluskie (New York: Routledge, 2011) 283-297.

Greg DiLisi, Keith McMillin, and Margaret Virostek published “Project WISE: Building STEM-Focused Youth- Programs that Serve the Community” in Journal of STEM Education 12:5-6 (2011) 38-45.

Philip Metres published “Home/Front” and “Air Aria” in the current issue of Massachusetts Review 52:3 (Fall 2011) and “Interlude: Vodka Proverbs” and “Catacombs of the Eye” in Field: A Journal of Poetry and Poetics 85 (Fall 2011).

Mark Storz, along with three colleagues from the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District, presented at the First Annual Ohio Race to the Top Conference in Columbus, Ohio, on November 1, 2011. Their presentation, titled “Scaling up Teacher Leadership to Build Transformational Capacity,” focused on the first cohort of the Teacher Leader Endorsement Program as an exemplar of school-university collaboration in program development and leadership training.

Nevin Mayer published “The Evocation of Perspective Diagrams in Wallace Stevens’s ‘To an Old Philosopher in Rome’” in the Journal of Modern Literature 34:4 (Summer 2011) 160-171.

Dan Kilbride and Lisa Tendrich Frank edited Southern Character: Essays in Honor of Bertram Wyatt-Brown (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2011), and Professor Kilbride contributed an essay titled “The South and the Revolutions of 1848.”

Bob Kolesar moderated a discussion about “The State of the European Union” for the Association for Continuing Education at Case Western Reserve University’s Grazella Shepherd Lecture Day on October 24. He also attended the fall board meeting of Via International in San Diego, November 4 and 5, and, as president of JCU’s American Association of University Professors chapter, the AAUP conference on governance in Washington, D.C., November 11-13.

Professor Kolesar was interviewed about his recently published book, People of Good Will: Service Development, and Education in the Work of Los Niños, with a broadcast date of November 12 on WPCR, Port Clinton, Ohio.

Scott Allen and Dennis C. Roberts published “Our Response to the Question: Next Steps in Clarifying the Language of Leadership Learning” in Journal of Leadership Studies 5 (2011) 65-70.

Harry Gensler reviewed Ethics and Experience: Life Beyond Moral Theory, by Timothy Chappell in The Philosophical Quarterly 61 (October 2011) 878-80.

Professor Gensler published “Faith, Rea- son, and Alternatives to Genesis 1:1” in Proceedings of the Jesuit Philosophical Association (2011) 29-47. He also led a dis- cussion about this article at the October 28 meeting of the association, at which time he also assumed the association’s presidency.

Mariana Ortega was an invited speaker at a panel about “Beyond the Black and White Binary” held at the 2011 meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy in Philadelphia, October 19-22.

Elizabeth Stiles and Larry Schwab published “Metropolitan-Rural Voting Patterns in U.S. Legislative Elections” in Journal of Economics and Politics 19:1 (2011) 35-48.

Joe Kelly published “Traditio Patrum in Early Christian Ireland,” in Tradition and the Rule of Faith in the Early Church: Essays in Honor of Joseph T. Lienhard, S.J., eds. Ronnie Rombs and Alexander Hwang (Washington: Catholic University of America Press, 2010).

Professor Kelly gave two lecture series this Fall, four presentations about “Turning Point in American History” for the Suenens Foundation at JCU and six presentations about “The High Middle Ages I” for the Senior Scholars Program at Case Western Reserve University.

Professor Kelly spoke about “The Origins of Halloween” on October 19 to the Carmelite Guild, Cleveland Heights and on November 17 to the monthly meeting of the Professional Men’s Club of Cleveland, Moreland Hills. On November 3, he spoke about “The Fall of Original Sin” at John F. Kennedy Catholic School in Warren.

Paul Nietupski delivered a paper titled “The Unity of Religion and Politics: Monastic and Nomadic governance in Amdo, the Detri Estate (sde khri nang chen) at Labrang Monastery” at the seminar “Unity and Diversity: Monastic and Non-monastic Traditions in Amdo” at St. Michael’s College, Cardiff, Wales, September 30-October 2, 2011.

Professor Nietupski published the entry “Labrang Monastery’s Corporate Estates (labrang)” in The Tibetan and Himalayan Library (April 2011) http:// descritpions/80#ixzz1a6g50xxy.

Zeki Saritoprak contributed the chapter “Reconciliation: An Islamic Theological Approach” for Reconciliation in Interfaith Perspective: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Voices, eds. R. Bieringer D. Bolton, (Leuven: Peeters Publishers, 2011).

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