Crisis Mapper Conference

Jen Ziemke (Department of Political Science), co-founder of the Crisis Mappers Network and originator and co- organizer of the International Conference of Crisis Mappers series, led a delegation of John Carroll faculty and administrators including Jeanne Colleran, Peggy Finucane, Mindy Peden, Dan Palmer, and Mary Rycyna to the Third ICCM on November 14 and 15, 2011. From its beginnings at John Carroll in 2009, through last year’s ICCM at Harvard and Tufts in Boston, this year’s conference expanded its reach to Geneva, Switzerland, where co-organizers were the Swiss Confederation, ICT4Peace Foundation, and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. With more than 400 participants, organizations represented included the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, the World Bank, the Red Cross, and universities on both sides of the Atlantic.

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