Grauel fellowships

This fellowship is available to support faculty research for either one full semester at full salary or one full year at half-salary. Proposals should either be primarily research-oriented for possible publication or devoted to other types of faculty development, such as visits to research-oriented universities or libraries, service-oriented activities, textbook or curriculum development, coursework in one’s field, or other professional activities.

Carl Anthony
Professor Anthony will write the results of existing data-sets for publication of as many as three articles. His work is primarily attentive to how behavioral interactions among organisms can influence where we find different species, with the red-backed salamander being the focal point of his research.

Gerry Guest
Art History and Humanities
During his leave, Professor Guest will consider art from the central Middle Ages that depicts three key biblical figures and will consider ways in which images of these Old Testament figures can be read (or not read) as moral and aesthetic exemplars. Special attention will be paid to figurations of masculinity and physical idealism in the images in question.

Paul Lauritzen
Theology and Religious Studies
The leave will allow Professor Lauritzen to complete two chapters of a book tentatively titled, Professional Responsibility in an Age of Terror.

Tom Nevin
Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures
“The Murder of God,” the tentative title of the book-length manuscript on which Professor Nevin will be working while on leave, examines doubt, denial, and betrayal of Christ among German protestant thinkers.

Mariana Ortega
Professor Ortega plans to write a chapter titled “Multiplicitous Subjectivity, Interpretative Horizons and Self Craft” of a book-length monograph titled “Being-in-worlds: Latina Feminist Phenomenology and the Self.”

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