Nicholas R. Santilli
was the keynote speaker at the inaugural Eastern Conversations held at St. Joseph’s University, in Philadelphia. Eastern Conversations is a program convening representatives from the East Coast Jesuit institutions in the areas of mission and identity related to programming for faculty formation and development. Dr. Santilli delivered a paper titled “In search of the millennial generation: Can one size fit all?”

In July, Nick attended SCUP-45: Integrated Leadership for a New Reality, the International Conference for the Society for College and University Planning in Minneapolis. He served as a convener for two conference sessions: Academic Planning for Baccalaureate & Master’s Institutions and Tools to Assess the Marketability of Your Academic Programs.

Robert Bloom and Patti R. Weiss published “Improving the profession: continuing search of fresh ideas” in The CPA Journal (April 2010, pp. 3-7).

Prof. Bloom published “Inventory accounting and income taxation” in Taxes – The Tax Magazine (May 2010, pp. 77-82).

Albert L. Nagy published “Section 404 compliance and financial reporting quality” in Accounting Horizons (24.3, 2010, pp. 1-14).

Gerald P. Weinstein and Nicholas A. Yacobozzi published “New GAAP for multiple deliverables” in the Journal of Accountancy (June 2010, pp. 30-35).

Rebecca Drenovsky and Jeremy J. James published “Designing invasion-resistant plant communities: the role of plant functional traits” in Rangelands (February 2010, pp. 32-37).

Prof. Drenovsky, Jeremy J. James, and James Richards published “Variation in nutrient resorption by desert shrubs” in the Journal of Arid Environments (74, 2010, pp. 1,564-1,568).

Prof. Drenovsky, Jean J. Pan, Brittany Widner, and Deborah Ammerman published “Plant community and tissue chemistry responses to fertilizer and litter nutrient manipulations in a temperate grassland” in Plant Ecology (206, 2010, pp. 276-294).

Prof. Drenovsky, Kerri L. Steenwerth, Loise E. Jackson, and Kate M. Scow published “Land use and climatic factors structure regional patterns in soil microbial communities” in Global Ecology and Biogeography (19, 2010,
pp. 27-39).

In August 2010, Prof. Drenovsky was voted in as chair of the Ecological Section at the Annual Botanical Society of America meeting. In June 2010, she was voted on the board of trustees for the Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland.

Rich Clark (Sociology and Criminology) led a service immersion trip to El Salvador, and Jeanne Somers (Grasselli Library) led a service immersion trip to Ecuador in May 2010

Paul R. Challen and Man Lung Kwan, with eight JCU students, attended the 41st Central Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Dayton, Ohio, this past June. They presented the poster “Synthesis and structural characterization of terphenyl scaffolded S-C-S palladium pincer complexes and studies of their catalytic activity in the Suzuki Coupling reaction.”

David Mascotti and Mark Waner published “Complementary spectroscopic assays for investigating protein-ligand binding activity: a project for the advanced chemistry laboratory” in the Journal of Chemical Education (2010, 87 [7], pp. 735-738).

Michael A. Nichols and Mark Waner published “Kinetic and mechanistic studies of the deuterium exchange in classical keto-enol tautomeric equilibrium reactions” in the Journal of Chemical Education (87.9, 2010, p. 952-955).

Mark Waner published “Particulate pictures and kinetic-molecular theory concepts: seizing an opportunity” in the Journal of Chemical Education (87.9, 2010, p. 924-927).

Santa Casciani and Luigi Ferri presented a paper titled “Italian pop culture: changes in television advertising” at the EDULEARN10 (International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation) Conference in Barcelona, Spain, July 5-7, 2010.

Julia Karolle-Berg participated in a workshop titled “Institutionalizing Integrative Learning: Faculty Development, Course Development and Assessment” at Roanoke College in June.

Margaret O. Finucane and Cary W. Horvath published “Women’s shared viewing of the bachelor: generational motives and perceptions” in Fix Me Up: Essays on Television Dating and Makeover Shows (North Caroline, 2010, pp. 43-55).

Jackie Schmidt conducted a workshop for the Center for Principled Family Advocacy of the Cuyahoga Bar Association about building trust in difficult situations June 18.

Prof. Schmidt, Jack Soper, and Judy Brenneke presented a workshop tited “What Do We Mean by Interdisciplinary or Cross-cultural Entrepreneurship?” June 25 at the International Council of Small Business in Cincinnati.

Paula J. Britton, Claudia J. Sadler-Gerhardt, Cynthia A. Reynolds, and Sharon D. Kruse published “Women breast cancer curvivors: stories of change and meaning” in the Journal of Mental Health Counseling (32.2, 2010, pp. 265-282).

Kathleen A. Roskos, James F. Christie, Sarah Widman, and Allison Holding published “Three decades in: priming for meta-analysis in play-literacy research” in the Journal of Early Childhood Literacy (10.1, 2010, pp. 55-96).

Radio host Garrison Keillor featured three of Dr. George Bilgere’s poems on his National Public Radio program, “The Writer’s Almanac” – “The Ineffable” (Jan. 25), “Grecian Temples” (Feb. 3), and “iPoem” (April 26).

Prof. Bilgere received the Lantern Award for his poetry collection, “The White Museum,” Sept. 11. The collection was chosen by judge Alicia Ostriker for the 2010 Autumn House Press Series. He also published:

  • “Graduates of Western Military Academy” in Pushcart Prize XXXIV: Best of the Small Presses (Ed. Bill, New York: Pushcart Press, 2010, pp. 434-435).
  • “What I Want” in Seriously Funny  (Athens, Ga., 2010, pp. 124-127).
  • “Bridal Shower” in the New Ohio Review (7, 2010, pp. 100-101).
  • “Galileo” in River Styx (March 2010, • p. 36).
  • “Snow” in the Southwest Review • (94.4, 2010, p. 517).
  • “Zero” on• zero.shtml (Feb. 27, 2010).

Jeanne Colleran published “Displacement, violence and mourning in the suit” in Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies (2010).

Professor Colleran’s essay “Whose memory? Whose justice? Torture and trauma in Ariel Dorfman’s ‘Death and the Maiden,’” will be printed in Performance Research International (16.1, pp. 1-27).

John McBratney published “Reluctant cosmopolitanism in Dickens’s Great Expectations” in Victorian Literature and Culture (2010, pp. 1-18).

Stephanie Pentz, an English and philosophy major, won one of six prizes awarded in the 2010 North American Conference on British Studies essay contest. Her essay, “Thinking things and visions incarnate: Blake on Cartesian dualism in the marriage of heaven and hell,” written for Prof. McBratney, concerns the English romantic poet William Blake’s critique, in one of his major poems, of Rene Descartes’s philosophy.

Tom Pace presented a paper titled “Using the academic journal to teach audience in first-year composition” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Louisville, Ky, March 2010. Prof. Pace also was the co-director for a workshop titled “Style Pedagogy Renewed, Revised, Remixed: New Directions for the Twenty-first Century” at the same conference.

Jackie Schmidt and Jack Soper facilitated a workshop titled “Creativity, Creative Problem Solving and Leadership August 24-25, 2010 for John Carroll faculty members. Gwen Kinebrew (BL), Malia McAndrew (HS), Joe Miller (CO), Keith Nagy (CO), Naveed Piracha (PH), Rosanna Miguel (MML), Tina Facca (MML), Mike Setter (CH), Linda Seiter (MT), Marc Lynn (MML), Catherine Miller (CH), and Martha Pereszlinyi-Pinter (CML) participated in the workshop. On the second day, a series of presentations about creativity were made by Burton D. Morgan fellows Pam Mason (PO), Jill Bernaciak (MML), Judy Brenneke (EC/FN), Duane Dukes (SC), and Jackie Schmidt (CO). The workshop concluded with a presentation by Jack Kahl, former owner and CEO of Manco, about leading a creative organization.

Nevin Mayer published “Cleveland School of the Arts must preserve the city’s architectural heritage” on May 15, 2010 ( Mayer also revised “Shakespeare’s Watch: A Guide to Time and Location in the Plays” by Buzz Podewell in Reference and Users Services Quarterly (49.3, 2010,
p. 296).

Matthew Berg revised “Die sowjetische Besatzung in Osterreich 1945-1955 und ihre Mission,” by Wolfgang Mueller in the American History Yearbook (2010, pp. 301-303).

Anne Kugler participated in a workshop titled “Institutionalizing Integrative Learning: Faculty Development, Course Development and Assessment” at Roanoke College in June.

Scott J. Allen and Marcy Levy Shankman edited “Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students in Development Guide” (San Francisco, Wiley, 2010) and “Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students in Facilitation & Activity Guide” (San Francisco, Wiley, 2010). They published “Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students in Workbook” (San Francisco, Wiley, 2010).

Prof. Allen, Tina M. Facca, and Marcy Levy Shankman published “Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students in Inventory” (San Francisco, 2010).

Paul R. Murphy, Jr. and Donald F. Wood published “Chinese Translation (Traditional and Simplified) in Contemporary Logistics” (9th edition, Taiwan, 2010).

Daniel W. Palmer, Marc Kirschenbaum, Anthony M. Lanese, Robert H. Bledsoe, and Ravi Vaidyanathan published “Using Estimated Global Information to Increase Mission Effectiveness for Unmanned Air Vehicle (UVA) Swarms” in Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems Twenty-fifth International Conference: Bristol, U.K., 2010.

Jen McWeeny published: “Origins of otherness: non-conceptual ethical encounters in Beauvoir and Levinas” in Simone De. Beauvoir Studies (26, 2009-2010, pp. 5-17) and “Liberating anger, embodying knowledge: a comparative study of Maria Lugones and Zen Master Hakuin” in Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy (25.2, 2010, pp. 295-315).

In March, Prof. McWeeny was invited to give a workshop titled “Embodied Awareness and Political Solidarity” at Goucher College’s 2010 Women in Philosophy Workshop. She brought four John Carroll University students – Deanna Bouchahine, Barbie Curatolo, Anastasia Mitchell, and Theresa Prabucki – with her to participate and collaborate with Goucher’s undergraduate women philosophy majors.

During the summer, Jen accompanied Profs. Roger Purdy and Keiko Nakano and John Carroll students on the Japan Study Tour, where she researched Japanese Buddhist practices. She also presented a paper titled “Embodied Pedagogy” at the annual meeting of the Feminist Working Group Initiative in Baltimore (June 2010) and was invited to be a faculty text-seminar leader at the 2010 meeting of the Collegium Phaenomenologicum in Umbria, Italy (July 2010). The theme of this year’s Collegium was “Transcontinental Philosophy: Interpreting across Borders and Idioms.”

In September, Jen presented the paper “Streetwalker Knowing: A Study of Depth and Movement in Lugones and Merleau-Ponty” at the annual meeting of the International Merleau-Ponty Circle at the University of North Carolina, Asheville and was an invited participant at the University of Alberta’s “Rethinking the Nonhuman” workshop in Edmonton, Canada, where she delivered a paper titled “Sounding Depth with the North Atlantic Right Whale and Merleau-Ponty.”

Mariana Ortega published “A philosophical hermeneutics visual art: on Garcia’s images of thought, philosophical interpretations of Carlos Estevez’s art,” in the APA Newsletters, Newsletter on Hispanic/ Latino Issues in Philosophy (2010, pp. 16-18).

Prof. Ortega published “Anzaldua, Gloria” on pages 53-54 in Latino History and Culture (Eds. David J. Leonard and Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo, Armonk, N.Y., M.E. Sharpe, Inc. 2010).

Earl Spurgin published “Moral judgments, fantasies and virtual worlds” in International Journal of Applied Philosophy (23.2, 2010, pp. 271-284).

Jen Ziemke co-organized the second annual International Conference on Crisis Mapping, ICCM, which took place Oct. 1-3 at Harvard and Tufts University in Boston. The conference follows a successful inaugural event at John Carroll last October. The purpose of ICCM is to bring together the most engaged practitioners, scholars, software developers and policymakers at the cutting edge of crisis mapping to address and assess the role of crisis mapping and humanitarian technology in the disaster response to Haiti and beyond. For more information, visit

Jen Ziemke posted an article, “Haiti earthquake: breaking new ground in the information landscape” (Humanitarian Information Unit White Paper) on Crisis Mappers Net – The International Network of Crisis Mappers July 12, 2010.

David Rainey and V. Granito published “Normative rules for trash talk among college athletes: an exploratory study” in the Journal of Sport Behavior (33.3, 2010, pp. 276-294).

Elizabeth Swenson was a panelist on “Mentoring Students in Internet Research,” at the American Psychological Association convention in San Diego Aug. 12, 2010.

Medora Barnes was interviewed about her research by Women in Higher Education (WHE) in September. The feature story is based on her presentation titled “Unstalling the Gender Revolution to Improve Work-Family Balance.” It be accessed online at

Phyllis Braudy Harris published “Dementia and care: the contributions of a psychosocial perspective,” in the Sociology Compass (2010, pp. 249-262).

Prof. Harris has been elected board chairperson of Senior Outreach Services, a health/social service nonprofit organization that provides services to inner city elderly in the Hough, Fairfax, Buckeye, Glenville, and East Cleveland communities.

Prof. Harris reviewed manuscripts for the “Qualitative Sociology,” “Dementia,” and “The Gerontologist,” as well as paper and symposium abstracts for the annual scientific meetings of the Gerontological Society of America.

Susan Long published a review of “Nature’s Embrace: Japan’s Aging Urbanites and New Death Rites online in the Social Science Japan Journal July 19, 2010. It’s forthcoming in print (Vol. 13, No. 2).

Prof. Long reviewed a manuscript for the Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology.

Joseph F. Kelly’s 14th book, “The Feast of Christmas,” has just been published by Liturgical Press.

Sheila E. McGinn delivered a series of lectures about “New Testament Ethics” at Alpha Omega International College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from Oct. 11-22, 2010.

Prof. McGinn led a study tour to Turkey and Greece in June as part of her course entitled “Cradle of Christianity: The Earliest Churches through Story and Stone.” In addition to students and alumni, Prof. McGinn was accompanied by Gwen Compton-Engle from the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures.

Kathleen Peters was one of 13 applicants of 140 awarded a grant for the NEH Summer Seminar about “Saints Augustine and Perpetua: Autobiography in its North African Context.” The seminar was held in Tunis, Tunisia, and ran from July 1 to Aug. 6.

Zeki Saritoprak published “Fethullah Gulen’s Theology of Peace Building,” in Islam and Peacebuilding: Gulen Movement Initiatives (New York, Blue Dome Press, 2010).

John R. Spencer published a revision of “Ashkelon 1: Introduction and Overview” (1985-2006) by Lawrence E. Stager, J. David Schloen, and Daniel M. Master (eds.), Catholic Biblical Quarterly, (72, 2010, pp. 186-189).

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