Faculty Notes

Welcome to Faculty Notes!

Toward the end of the spring 2016 semester, a survey was made available about the newsletter Faculty Notes.  If you were able to fill it out, thank you for your input.  Based on the information collected from that survey, the following changes will become effective this year.

  • Faculty Notes will appear twice each academic year, the first time in mid-November, and the second early in May.
  • Continuing our previous practice, but now more explicitly stated, we welcome entries from both full- and part-time faculty members.
  • We will continue to distribute issues primarily as PDF files attached to email announcements; issues also will be available on the Faculty Notes website and in Carroll Collected. Starting this year, we will distribute three copies of each issue to academic departments and other offices for display purposes.  A limited number of additional copies will be available to individuals on request.
  • A mission statement (which appears below) has been created for the publication, explaining its purpose.
  • A new system has been implemented to streamline the submission process and clarify the connection between Faculty Notes and the Faculty Bibliography. As with Faculty Notes, the Faculty Bibliography welcomes submissions from part-time as well as full-time faculty.

If you have any questions or suggestions about Faculty Notes or the Faculty Bibliography, please contact Dr. Jim Krukones, Associate Academic Vice President (jkrukones@jcu.edu).