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Physical Education

NOTE:  The Physical Education major will not be accepting any new students after fall, 2016.  The Physical Education major, and the Pre-K to 12th Grade Multi-Age License offered through the Department of Education and School Psychology is being phased out.  Students currently enrolled in the Physical Education major, or who are enrolling at John Carroll for fall, 2016 will be eligible to complete the major and the license offered through the Department of Education and School Psychology.

As a Physical Education major, you’ll focus on the development of the individual person through physical activity, fitness, recreation, and sports-related activities. We’ll prepare you to understand your influential role as an educator within Pre-K to 12th grade setting, and to respect the educational environment as a community of influence for children, young adolescents, and adolescents.The Physical Education major is grounded in foundational knowledge of the science of human movement and behavior, development, learning, planning, implementation, and assessment.

  • Physical Education major candidates that select to pursue a teaching license in addition to this major must complete the required education coursework and field experiences, to be eligible for the Pre-K to 12th grade Ohio Resident Educator License.  Licensure candidates must meet all course, GPA, and application requirements required by the Department of Education and School Psychology, as well as licensure assessments as required by the Ohio Department of Education.  It is the candidate’s responsibility to make contact with the Coordinator of Teacher Licensure and be aware of all guidelines, course requirements, and assessments
  • Physical Education candidates that elect to pursue a career, or a graduate program in recreation, fitness and wellness, rather than a teaching license, will be required to complete additional coursework, an internship in a professional area of choice, and enroll in the PE 497 internship course.

Exercise Science, Physical Education, Allied Health and Sports Studies Physical Education Major (40-43 Semester Hours)

Course #Course NameHrs.
EPA 201Foundations of Exercise Science, Physical Education and Sports Studies (w/Practicum)3
EPA 202Advanced First Aid and Emergency Care2
EPA 205Human Anatomy I3
EPA 205LHuman Anatomy Lab1
EPA 206Human Physiology I3
EPA 206LHuman Physiology Lab1
EPA 208Lifespan Physical Growth and Development3
EPA 310Methods, Materials and Resources in Exercise Science, Physical Education and Sports Studies 3
EPA 407Exercise Physiology3
EPA 409Kinesiology3
EPA 411Fitness and Motor Skill Development in Children3
EPA 420Disabilities: Learning, Movement and Program Development3
EPA 430Research and Measurements in Exercise Science, and Physical Education 3
EPA 432Motor Learning3
EPA 435Ethics in Athletics, Exercise Science and Physical Education 3
EPA 497Internship and Seminar (Non-Initial Licensure Track)3

Students who would like to pursue the Multi-Age License in Physical Education will need to:

1)     Be admitted to the Teacher Education program;
2)     Complete Education coursework which includes:

Professional Education (37 Semester Hours)

Course #Course NameHrs.
ED 100Introduction to Education3
ED 386Instructional Technology3
ED 201Assessment, Learning & Individual Differences3
ED 253WSchool and Society3
ED 255Literacy Across the Curriculum3
EPAS 310Methods, Materials & Resources in Physical Education & Exercise Science3
ED 350DMulticultural Education in a Pluralistic Society3
ED 427Multi-Age Special Topics3
ED 405Multi-Age Education Seminar3
ED 444Multi-Age Education Student Teaching9
EPAS 208Lifespan Physical Growth & Development3

GPA requirements for admission to Teacher Education and admission to Student Teaching:

  • Must have grades of C or higher in all Education coursework
  • For full admission to Teacher Education a candidates must have:
    • Overall GPA of 2.7
    • Education GPA of 2.7
    • Physical Education GPA of 2.7
  • For admission to student teaching semester a candidate must have:
    • Overall GPA of 2.7
    • Education GPA of 2.7
    • Physical Education GPA of 2.7