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Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Sports Studies

Exercise Science

As an Exercise Science major, you can pursue careers in exercise science, fitness, and wellness upon graduation from John Carroll. Or you can seek a graduate degree in exercise science, fitness, wellness, or allied health professions such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, nutrition, chiropractic medicine and nursing.

You will take foundational courses in areas such as anatomy and physiology, development, care, prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries, and health issues, along with advanced coursework in exercise physiology, and kinesiology.  You will complete field experiences during your first 3 years to gain a breadth of applied experiences, and as a senior you will complete an internship to gain in-depth professional experience in your career of choice.

Students that choose to apply for admission to an allied health graduate program may need to complete additional pre-requisite coursework required for admission to the specific program.  Students should begin their research on pre-requisites for graduate admission early in their undergraduate career and maintain close contact with their academic adviser.

Exercise Science Major (47 Semester Hours)

Course #Course NameHrs.
EPA 201Foundations of Exercise Science, Physical Education and Sports Studies (W/Practicum)3
EPA 205Human Anatomy3
EPA 205LHuman Anatomy Lab1
EPA 206Human Physiology3
EPA 206LHuman Physiology Lab1
EPA 208Lifespan Physical Growth and Development3
EPA 230Nutrition for Athletics & Physical Activity3
EPA 407Exercise Physiology3
EPA 409Kinesiology3
EPA 430Research and Measurements in Exercise Science and Physical Education3
EPA 432Motor Learning3
EPA 435Ethics in Athletics, Exercise Science and Physical Education 3
EPA 497Internship and Seminar3

Electives for Exercise Science Major (minimum 12 semester hours)

Course #Course NameHrs.
EPA 200Current Health Issues3
EPA 202Advanced First Aid & Emergency Care2
EPA 303/LCare, Prevention, and Treatment of Athletic Injuries I & Lab2/1
EPA 304/LCare, Prevention, and Treatment of Athletic Injuries II & Lab2/1
EPA 310Methods, Materials and Resources in Exercise Science, Physical Education and Sports Studies 3
EPA 340Lifestyle Wellness3
EPA 408Organization & Administration of Athletics, Exercise Science, and Physical Education3
EPA 411Fitness and Motor Skill Development in Children3
EPA 420Disabilities: Learning, Movement, Program Development3
EPA 433Theoretical Principles of Strength & Conditioning3
OtherBy permission3