Assistant Professor

Alissa Nutting is a new faculty member at John Carroll and is the author of the short story collection Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls. The book was selected by judge Ben Marcus as winner of the 6th Starcherone Prize for Innovative Fiction. The book is currently a ForeWord Book of the Year Finalist, as well as a current Eric Hoffer Montaigne Medal finalist for thought-provoking texts.

From 2004-2008 she worked on the staff of Black Warrior Review literary magazine, serving as Editor for volumes 34.1 (The Sad Animal Issue) and 34.2 (The Contributor Love Issue). She was an Assistant Editor at Alabama Heritage magazine from 2005 to 2008, when she received her MFA in fiction from the University of Alabama.

She received her PhD from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2011. There, she was awarded Schaeffer¬† and Cobain fellowships in fiction. As part of the staff of the Black Mountain Institute, she served on Witness magazine as the Fiction Editor. She is the Managing Editor of Fairy Tale Review¬† and is currently guest-editing Fairy Tale Review’s Grey Issue, themed “Lost Boys, Lost Girls.” She has published in BOMB, Fence, Tin House, and in several other magazines and anthologies.