English teacher at Westlake High School

“Being an English major at John Carroll has proved time and time again to be a rewarding experience. Throughout my undergraduate years I was able to settle into a major that I was passionate about. The combination of exceptional professors, great literature, and professional writing experience really prepared me for my career as a high school English teacher. I have taught grades nine through 12, and in my classroom, it seems as if I am instilling in many of my students the same passion that was instilled in me at John Carroll. I modeled a great deal of my teaching style off of the undergraduate professors I had in the English Department, and it has been successful thus far. What a great feeling it is every time I have a student trust me with his or her poetry critique or depend on me for a well-written letter of recommendation. I couldn’t be more pleased with the English Department at John Carroll. I have spoken so highly of the program that I most recently convinced one of my colleagues to enter the Master’s program. Kudos to the John Carroll English Department!”