Assistant Arts Editor/Pop Culture and Friday magazine editor, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Defying the naysayers who asked “What are you going to do with that?!,” Laura found her education immensely helpful in pursuing a career as a journalist and critic. In addition to the writing skills she polished through many papers and essays – and more importantly, by reading great writers every day – the program instilled tough analytical skills and insights into human nature that benefit any writer. Not to mention a great appreciation for the poetry that surrounds us in – and gives meaning to – everyday life.

Laura has been the pop music editor at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio’s largest newspaper, since 1999. Laura has a unique position at the paper. She’s one of the few editors who contribute frequently as a writer. In addition to music stories, she writes on a wide variety of arts and cultural topics, such as trend stories on everything from online networking and Generation-X parenting; book reviews; and fashion articles. Prior to working at the Plain Dealer, Laura was the music editor at the Cleveland Free Times alternative weekly, and the arts and entertainment producer at She has contributed to many national publications as a freelance writer.