Graduate Assistant Scholarships

Financial aid is available in the form of graduate assistantships, including teaching assistantships and research assistantships. Those awarded teaching assistantships receive tutition remission and a nine month stipend to support their study.

Graduate Assistants provide crucial professional services in the Department of English, and their position carries a high level of responsibility and independence. Graduate Assistants are full-time students, but their workload typically includes assisting a faculty member in a compostion course during the first semester of study and then teaching one composition course during the second semester of the first year.

Second year GAs typically teach one or two composition courses during the fall term, and one course during the final, or spring, term. GAs also tutor in our writing center.


A Department of English faculty committee selects Graduate Assistants from among a pool of applicants. The process is competitive.

Students interested in applying for the position should request application materials from the Office of Graduate Studies.

The selection committee pays special attention to these materials submitted by applicants:

  1. Academic writing sample
  2. Personal statement of the candidate’s aims for graduate study
  3. Evidence that shows preparation for or promise of effective classroom teaching
  4. Recommendations by former professors