Master of Arts in English

**The comprehensive exams for the 2017-2018 academic year will be held on Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 10AM-12PM. Submit your exam selection online no later than  November 17,2018 to indicate which exam you plan to take.**

**A revised set of guidelines for the thesis or essay is available.**

Our graduate students arrive with the passion and ambition to learn about English-language literature, and leave with the ability to put their knowledge to use in rewarding careers.

The M.A. in English is designed to provide a broad background in English literatures and to introduce students to methods of critical analysis and scholarship.

John Carroll’s Master of Arts students benefit from a comprehensive selection of course offerings, providing an in-depth study of literature. The program allows ample opportunity to improve students’ research and writing skills so that our graduates can make exemplary contributions to their chosen fields, whether that means doctoral programs, university or secondary-school teaching, or a host of other careers that value critical thinking and skillful communication.

Our program also offers paid Graduate Assistant positions. Supported by close faculty mentoring, Graduate Assistants develop their professional capacities by teaching in the classroom and tutoring in the John Carroll Writing Center.

For more information, please see our MA Handbook.

To apply, fill out an online admission form through the Office of Graduate Studies website.