Welcome to the English Department.

The department offers a variety of classes for both the English and non-English student. You can choose from classes about famous authors, including Shakespeare and Hemingway, along with just about any genre of literature, including Canadian, Irish, and African.

The Young Writers Workshop

Fall 2018 JCU English Department Course Guide

If you choose to major in English, you’ll follow one of three tracks: the literature track, the creative writing track, or the professional writing track. Depending on your chosen track, you’ll gain experience with the latest literary techniques and have opportunities to present your work to the University community.

Students of all majors can submit their poems, short stories, photographs, or artwork for publication in the University literary magazine, The John Carroll Review, which is also student-edited. Click HERE to check out the Spring 2018 collection.

We believe that our students are more than the jobs that they will take; they are men and women who will live lives shaped by the power and beauty of imaginative uses of language. To read more about our graduates’ accomplishments, visit the Success Stories page.