Associate Professor

Degrees: Ph.D., Education Administration and Curriculum Development, Miami University of Ohio; M.A., Special Education, University of Cincinnati; B.A., Kindergarten-Elementary Education, Carroll College

Expertise: Socials Foundations of Education, International Education, and Preparation of Educators for a Diversity and Multicultural World.

Research Interests

The interlocking strands of my research are public education and all the social, political and cultural influences that traditionally shape policies, practices and attitudes of school personnel, legislators, and students, often with predictable outcomes.  This allows me to examine a variety of issues such as attitudes of teacher education students, incarcerated African American male juveniles with special need, and the experiences of women of color in higher education. A strong intent of my research is to provide marginalized persons with a space to voice their life experiences and aspirations.  Equally important through the process of providing future educators with a strong theoretical knowledge of white privilege and practical evidence, I hope to prepare educators who will be allies with and advocate for the nation’s most underserved students.  Likewise, in keeping with the Jesuit Ideal of men and women in service to others, I seek to examine social factors that shape public education in other nations.

Recent Courses

ED 253 School and Society
ED 415/419 The Exceptional Learner
ED 350/453 Multicultural Education
ED 405 Student Teaching Seminar

Selected Publications

Ford, T. & Glimps, B. (2014). African American women, education, and self-actualization:  confronting gender, racial, and religious barriers. Cases on Teacher Identity, Diversity, and Cognition in Higher Education. Breen, P. (ED.) (pp. 192-213). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Glimps, B. & Ford, T.  (2013). Implementing a problem-based technology learning environment to foster cultural literacy and responsiveness instructional skill. In Literacy enrichment and technology integration in pre-service teacher education. Keengwe, J., Onchwari, G., & Hucks, D. (EDs.). (pp.147-159). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Ford, T. & Quinn, L. (2010). First Year Teacher Education Candidates: What are Their Perceptions about Multicultural Education? Multicultural Education, v17 n4 p18-24, Summer.

Ford. T. & Glimps, B. (2010). Conversations with Incarcerated African American Male Youth with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders The Griot: The Journal of African American Studies, Spring.

Ford, T. & Glimps, B. (2009). We live to Create Dissonance: Can you be Racist and a Christian? Journal of Belief and Values. Vol. 30, No. 2, 103-111