Degrees: Ph.D., Kent State University

Expertise: Reading; Teacher Education

Teaching. At John Carroll University, I teach courses primarily in reading assessment and intervention. Before my tenure at JCU, I was a Title I teacher in the Conneaut Area City School District and the director of federal programs there for many years. At JCU I also served as the Teacher Education Coordinator and Department Chairperson from 1990-2000. In 2000, I took a short leave from the university to serve as the Director of the Ohio Literacy Initiative at the Ohio Department of Education, providing leadership in P-12 literacy policy and programs. I returned to JCU in 2002, and have been teaching undergraduate and graduate reading courses since that time.

Grants. I have developed, written, and coordinated several major grants, including Ohio’s Reading First State Application, totaling over 200 million dollars of funds that benefited many Ohio public schools, agencies and teacher education prior to the Race to the Top initiative. In addition to Reading First, I authored two Early Reading First grants, one in collaboration with the Lorain City Schools, and the other with University of Akron for the Summit County Head Start agency. I continue to actively seek grants for purposes of research and teacher professional development.

Research Articles. Since earning my PhD I have studied early literacy education (extensively), literacy in play, teacher professional development and the design of professional education for teachers. I have published numerous research articles on these topics in leading journals, including American Journal of Play, Reading Research Quarterly, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, American Educational Research Journal, The Elementary School Journal, Journal of Teacher Education and The Teacher Educator. My current research focuses on the use of e-books in early childhood classrooms, and the impact on students’ literacy achievement and motivation. My article in the JCU magazine—On the horizon: Following the road to reading with e-books –provides a reader-friendly summary of this recent work.

Chapters & Books. I have co-authored several textbooks on reading teaching in early childhood and contributed numerous chapters to handbooks and textbooks on a range of literacy topics. I recently completed a series of chapters on the role of play in early literacy development, and the need for quality research in this area. Additionally, I have produced chapters that synthesize research on teacher professional development (Handbook of Research-Based Practice in Early Education) and on policy-making in the literacy field (Shaping Literacy Achievement: Research We Have, Research We Need).

Service to the Field. I present and consult extensively in local schools in areas of literacy curriculum development, reading assessment, and teacher development. Currently I am heavily involved in the state’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee, serving on the TGRG  Support Team. I have been very active in the development of professional standards in the teaching of reading at both the state level and in professional organizations, such as the International Reading Association. I have helped to organize numerous conferences (most recently on e-books in 2013 in Tempe, AZ) and have been a member of several committees in reading professional organizations. Teaching, working and researching in schools is what I like to do best!

Recent Publications

Christie, J. & Roskos, K. (forthcoming). Play as a medium for literacy development (redux). In D. Fromberg & D. Bergen (Eds.),  Play from birth to twelve: Contexts, perspectives, and meanings (2nd ed).  New York:  Routledge.

Roskos, K. Burstein, K., Shang, Y. & Gray, E. (2014). Young Children’s Engagement with E-books at School: Does Device Matter?

Roskos, K. & Christie, J. (2013, Fall). Gaining ground in understanding the play-literacy relationship. American Journal of Play. 6 (1), 81-94.

Roskos, K & Christie, J.(2013). Strengthening play in early literacy teaching practice. In D. Barone & M. Mallette (Eds.), Best Practices in Early Literacy Instruction. New York: Guilford.

Roskos. K. (2013). The E-Book Goes to School: Shared Book Reading 3.0. In S.B. Neuman & L. Gambrell (Eds.). Quality Reading Instruction in the Age of Core Standards. Newark. DE: IRA.

Roskos, K. (2013). Every Teacher Learning: Professional Development Design in P-3 Literacy Practice. In R. Reutzel (Ed.) Handbook of Research-Based Practice in Early Childhood Education. New York: Guilford.

Current Research Projects

At Gearity Professional Development School a field-based study to examine the impact of two innovations into the English Language Arts instructional block.

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