Degrees: Ph.D. Candidate in Language, Literacy and Culture, Vanderbilt University

Expertise: Adolescent reading instruction, Catholic K-12 education, instructional scaffolding, teacher preparation

Dan Reynolds was a Catholic high school English teacher in Baton Rouge, LA and Austin, TX for seven years. His interest in better understanding his students’ reading and learning inspired him to seek his Ph.D. in language, literacy, and culture at Vanderbilt University. Currently, his research focuses on better understanding how instructional scaffolding can support high school students’ comprehension of complex texts. His teaching encourages teacher candidates to develop human relationships as an integral part of literacy learning, and challenges teacher candidates to become intimately acquainted with their students’ knowledge, cultures, and identities.


2016 Graduate Student Outstanding Research Award from the Literacy Research Association.

AERA Open  top-read article for publication “Supporting Students Reading Complex Texts: Evidence for Motivational Scaffolding”, published December 2016