Assistant Professor

Degrees: Ph.D., Michigan State University

Expertise: Early Childhood Education, Early Literacy, Media

Research Interests
Dr. Moses examines young children’s literacy and language development and aspects of early childhood settings and children’s homes that influence their development. She maintains two strands of research: one that investigates the role of media in the lives of developing readers and writers, and another that examines early literacy activities, instruction and assessments utilized in early childhood settings.

Recent Courses
ED332 – Integrated Learning in the Early Elementary Years
ED331 – Integrated Learning in Preschool
ED224 – Introduction to Early Childhood Education
ED225 – Observational Assessment of the Young Child
ED100 – Introduction to Education

Recent Publications (*denotes peer-reviewed publications)
*Moses, A. M., Jennings, N. A., Brod, R., Hooker, S. D., Cordell, B., & Sallee, T. (2014). The effects of literacy messages in an educational television program: A content analysis and experiment. NHSA Dialog, 17(1), 20-35.

*Moses, A. M., Jennings, N. A., Brod, R., Hooker, S. D., Cordell, B., & Sallee, T. (2014). How an educational television program depicts literacy and how its messages affect young children’s literacy attitudes. NHSA Dialog, 25(3),113-117.

*Gerde, H. K., Duke, N. K., Moses, A. M., Spybrook, J., & Shedd, M. K. (2014). How much for whom? Lessons from an efficacy study of modest professional development for child care providers. Early Education and Development, 25 (3), 421-441.

*Golos, D. B., & Moses, A. M. (2013). Rethinking the Portrayal of Deaf characters in Children’s Picture Books. Frontiers in Psychology, 4, 1-3.

*Golos, D. B., & Moses, A. M. (2013). Developing preschool deaf children’s language and literacy learning from an educational media series. American Annals of the Deaf, 158 (4), 411-425.

Moses, A. M. (2013). What, when and how electronic media can be used in an early literacy classroom. In D. Barone & M. Mallette (Eds.), Best practices in early literacy (pp. 96-118). New York, NY: Guilford.

*Linebarger, D. L., Moses, A. M., Garrity, K., & McMenamin, K. (2013). Learning vocabulary from television: Does onscreen print have a role?. Journal of Educational Psychology, 105(3), 609–621.

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