You’ll receive a solid foundation for your career – and life.

All John Carroll University undergraduate students complete the Core Curriculum. This series of courses will help you gain a broad base of knowledge in many subjects, develop highly valued communication skills, and sharpen your ability to creatively and confidently solve problems. You’ll build on that foundation with your education major, studying child or adolescent development, effective teaching methods, differences in learning, and more. You’ll also take courses in specific content areas and strategies for the teaching field you choose.

All of these studies are rooted in our 450-year-old Jesuit heritage, with its focus on educating the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—and preparing students to lead and serve others. A John Carroll education also will help you understand, appreciate, and engage the cultures and complexities of our increasingly global society.

You’ll learn from caring, expert education faculty.

John Carroll education professors are not only mentors who will teach your courses and advise you, but they are also first-rate researchers. They work with teachers, children, and school leaders to study and improve instructional technology, literacy programs, teacher education, and more. That faculty expertise translates into innovative education courses and research opportunities for John Carroll students.

You’ll get valuable firsthand experience in area schools.

John Carroll education students learn by doing – and teaching. The University has built strong relationships with numerous nearby school districts, which means that you’ll have ample opportunities to observe and work directly with students and teachers in their classrooms. These valuable experiences begin as early as your first year in the program and continue through your student teaching year.

You’ll participate in a unique professional year program.

As a capstone to your courses and fieldwork, John Carroll offers a unique professional year program for student teachers. You’ll first participate in a semester of pre-student teaching with weekly experiences observing and interacting with teachers and students in an area classroom.

The following semester you’ll student teach in that same classroom, collaborating with a cooperating teacher and a John Carroll education professor. The professional year helps you improve your teaching skills, learn to manage a classroom, and graduate prepared for your first teaching position.

You’ll be successful.

Our alumni are accomplished teachers, school psychologists and counselors, principals, and leaders in public and private schools and other educational settings. John Carroll education graduates have a stellar reputation in schools in the region, state, and beyond. Visit our Success Stories page to learn more about some of our recent graduates.