The Early Childhood Program develops expertise in working with children from ages three through eight and pre-kindergarten through grade three. In addition to the liberal arts core courses in John Carroll University, the students take courses specifically related to this age group. The early childhood candidate may also qualify for the Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement through additional coursework and licensure exams. This endorsement is valid for teaching grades 4 and 5.

The program recognizes that early childhood development is a process of accommodation between the child and the child’s environment. Students in the program participate in multiple field experiences in diverse settings including the home, preschool, elementary school, and service agencies, and learn to translate content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge into practice. These experiences prepare the prospective teacher to understand and implement developmentally appropriate practices in the variety of environments affecting the young child.

Our Early Childhood Program is nationally recognized by the Specialized Professional Association, National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC), through 2026.

For more information on the Early Childhood Teacher Education Program, including course of study and course descriptions, please visit John Carroll’s Undergraduate Bulletin.