Full-time Faculty

  • Ryan Allen
    Area of expertise: School Psychology; Psychometrics; Emotional Disabilities
  • Martin T. Connell
    Area of expertise: Anthropology of education, teacher learning
  • Greg DiLisi
    Area of expertise: Science Education; Physics
  • Theron Ford
    Area of expertise: Socials Foundations of Education, International Education, and Preparation of Educators for a Diversity and Multicultural World.
  • Jeanne Jenkins
    Area of expertise: School Psychology, Supervision, Mixed Methodologies, Measurement
  • Thomas Kelly
    Area of expertise: Democratic Education, Controversial Issues and Conflict, Authentic Assessment, Student Teaching
  • Annie M. Moses
    Area of expertise: Early Childhood Education, Early Literacy, Media
  • John L. Rausch
    Area of expertise: Research Methods, Educational Psychology, Educational Assessment, Developmental Psychology, Exceptional Learners.
  • Dan Reynolds
    Area of expertise: Adolescent reading instruction, Catholic K-12 education, instructional scaffolding, teacher preparation
  • Catherine A. Rosemary
    Area of expertise: Literacy, Teacher Education
  • Kathleen Roskos
    Area of expertise: Reading; Teacher Education
  • Yi Shang
    Area of expertise: Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation; Statistics
  • Lisa M. Shoaf
    Area of expertise: Educational Administration
  • David Shutkin
    Area of expertise: Curriculum Theory and Education Technology
  • Mark G. Storz
    Area of expertise:



Rhonda Harrison, Licensure Secretary
Location: Administration Bldg. 324
Phone: 216.397.4389
Email: rharrison@jcu.edu

Brittiani McNeil, Accreditation Administrator
Location: Administration Bldg. 325
Phone: 216.397.4985
Email: bmcneil@jcu.edu

Deborah Nixon, Programs Manager
Location: Administration Bldg. 310
Phone: 216.397.3080
Email: dnixon@jcu.edu

Lisa Sugar, Coordinator Department Placements
Location: Administration Bldg. 323
Phone: 216.397.1714
Email: lsugar@jcu.edu