Full-time Faculty

  • Ryan Allen
    Area of expertise: School Psychology; Psychometrics; Emotional Disabilities
  • Cecile Brennan
    Area of expertise: Counseling, Counselor Education, Counseling Ethics
  • Paula Britton
    Area of expertise: Counselor Education, Supervision
  • Greg DiLisi
    Area of expertise: Science Education; Physics
  • Theron Ford
    Area of expertise: Special Education, Multicultural Education, Social Foundations
  • Nathan Gehlert
    Area of expertise: Motivational Interviewing; Five Factor Model personality; measurement and assessment of spirituality; relationship counseling; assesment of relationship satisfaction and human mate selection.
  • Amy Hoffman
    Area of expertise: Literacy and Teacher Education
  • Jeanne Jenkins
    Area of expertise: School Psychology
  • Thomas Kelly
    Area of expertise: Democratic Education, Authentic Assessment, Student Teaching
  • Kathleen Manning
    Area of expertise: Motor Development and Learning
  • Annie M. Moses
    Area of expertise: Early Childhood Education
  • John L. Rausch
    Area of expertise: Educational Psychology, Research Methods
  • Catherine A. Rosemary
    Area of expertise: Literacy, Teacher Education
  • Kathleen Roskos
    Area of expertise: Reading; Teacher Education
  • Martin T. Connell, SJ
    Area of expertise: Anthropology of education, teacher learning
  • Yi Shang
    Area of expertise: Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation; Statistics
  • Lisa M. Shoaf
    Area of expertise: Educational Administration
  • David Shutkin
    Area of expertise: Curriculum Theory and Education Technology
  • Nancy P. Taylor
    Area of expertise: The integration of spirituality with counseling, career choice as vocation, forgiveness, wellness, chemical dependency, the use of outcome measures in counselor training and supervision, the promotion of school counselors as advocates for students


Administrators and Staff

Ron Dolciato, Coordinator Physical Education and Exercise Science
Location: DJ 154C
Phone: 216.397.4662
Email: rdolciato@jcu.edu

Elizabeth Fisher-Pai, Accreditation Administrator
Location: Administration Bldg. 332
Phone: 216.397.4985
Email: efisherpai@jcu.edu

Denise Fuchs, Receptionist
Location: Administration Bldg. 301
Phone: 216.397.4331
Email: dfuchs@jcu.edu

Barbara Garson-Braverman, Coordinator Graduate Studies Initial Licensure Programs
Location: Administration Bldg. 325
Phone: 216.397.4689
Email: bgarson@jcu.edu

Rhonda Harrison, Licensure Secretary
Location: Administration Bldg. 324
Phone: 216.397.4389
Email: rharrison@jcu.edu

Deborah Nixon, Programs Manager
Location: Administration Bldg. 310
Phone: 216.397.3080
Email: dnixon@jcu.edu

Lisa Sugar, Coordinator Department Placements
Location: Administration Bldg. 332
Phone: 216.397.1714
Email: lsugar@jcu.edu