The Department of Education & School Psychology is housed in the College of Arts & Sciences. The department is composed of two academic divisions:

  • Teacher Education
    • Initial Licensure Programs at the undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and master of education level
  • Advanced Licensure Programs
    • Educational Personnel and Continuing Professional Education for Teachers

The department works closely with other departments in the College of Arts & Sciences. Candidates seeking adolescent/young adult (grades 7-12) licensure must complete their education requirements through the department, but earn their undergraduate degree in their teaching field (e.g., history).

For more information about the Department of Education & School Psychology, please read our mission statement and conceptual framework.

Department Leadership

A Leadership Team composed of senior faculty bears primary responsibility for the administration and leadership of each academic division, under the supervision of the chair. The chair of the department reports to the dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.