Hui Sian Tan ’12 Bio:
A transferred international student from Singapore; senior at JCU majoring in English and minoring in East Asian Studies. Currently the president of R..C.E., a writing center consultant, and work-study for EAS.

Hui Sian’s EAS experience:
My EAS experience at JCU has largely influenced what I want to do in the future. I studied Chinese for ten years in Singapore and furthered my study of Japanese at JCU. I came to JCU with my mind set on an English degree, but eventually decided to add an EAS minor. A classmate in my Japanese class granted me the chance to become a work-study under EAS, which paved the way to numerous opportunities. I have been helping EAS develop and promote its major and minor, and founded the EAS student organization, R..C.E..

With my fluency in Chinese and English, I assist the Chinese professors in some of their beginning Chinese classes and tutor students on the side. While helping to improve the EAS website in 2010-2011, I conducted a series of faculty interviews that show students what they can do with their EAS degree and how involved faculty members are with East Asia.

In Spring 2011, I completed an independent study where I translated a selection of literary essays by Taiwanese female writer Long Yingtai (龙应台). Currently, I am working on another translation of Zhu Ziqing’s (朱自清) essay, “Traces of Wenzhou (温州的踪迹)” accompanied by a literary analysis for my honors project. I greatly enjoy the bittersweet experience of translation, and hope to further my studies in a Chinese Literature graduate program. I also have a strong interest in Japanese language and culture, having traveled there thrice, and aspire to achieve fluency in Japanese.

All these opportunities have been granted to me due to the great professors in both the English Department and East Asian Studies Committee, and I am grateful for all the support I have received in my endeavors.