East Asian Studies Major:  36 credits

The East Asian Studies (EAS) major offers a combination of language training and cultural knowledge. This combination of language and culture is intended to create a more interdisciplinary field of study since language, both written and oral, cuts across the other disciplines. The interdisciplinary nature of the major also allows students to see how different academic disciplines relate to each other in their quest for truth and understanding. East Asian culture will appear differently when viewed through the lenses of history, religion, literature, languages, and the social sciences.

Students majoring in EAS must take 36 credit hours in EAS courses, including 12 credits in Chinese or Japanese language and 24 additional credits in EAS courses in three different departments. Those 24 credit courses must include:

  • One course that covers East Asia as a region or that covers one East Asian country other than the one whose language you are studying;
  • At least four courses at the 300-400 level (including further language study); and
  • One 400-level capstone course or capstone experience.

Your capstone may be a course or an internship or some other structured project that ties together your EAS coursework and allows you to reflect upon your experience in the EAS major. If you are double-majoring, your capstone experience will allow you to synthesize your two majors.

Students majoring in EAS are encouraged to study abroad in China or Japan. Detailed information about the opportunities in study in China and Japan can be found on the EAS’s Study Abroad in East Asia page.